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Free nature trails open FROM


Blue Heron
Nature Preserve
4055 Roswell Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30342

The Blue Heron building is home to a pre-school and is not open to the public. There are no public restrooms.

Blue Heron a stop
on bus route 5.

Wanna bike?
We have a bike rack!

From Gaia Speaks by Shannon Willow.

From Gaia Speaks by Shannon Willow.


available by
appointment only.

contact Sally Eppstein, Art Director, to schedule an appointment:

City of Atlanta Park Rules

  • Report illegal activities to 911.

  • Place all litter in receptacles.

  • All pets must be on a leash in a City park, except in designated areas. Persons with pets must clean up after Your pet. No pets are allowed during A, B or C festivals.

  • No glass containers allowed.

  • No horses or ponies are allowed in any park at any time.

  • No vehicles allowed off paved roads or on closed park roads.

  • No tents or canopies allowed without the expressed written permission of the Commissioner, Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs, and other permits required by the city.

  • No moonwalks, dunk tanks, or any equipment that calls for independent power (except by special permit).

  • No amplified music allowed (except by special permit).

  • No selling of food or other items (except by special permit).

  • No alcoholic beverages (except by special permit).

  • Absolutely no drugs or illegal substances allowed on City property.

Some projects permission must be granted by the City of Atlanta. If you are a commercial photographer taking photos or shooting footage for a project, then please call our office (404.946.6394) to discuss permission.