Conservation & Sustainability

Blue Heron BEgan as a land conservation project in 2000.

since then, our efforts have expanded
across all the ecosystems of the Preserve.


Community Garden


The Community Garden is 100% organic. Together, gardeners grow fresh produce in the Garden for the Hungry plot for a local soup kitchen.

Field Research Center


The 100% solar powered, off-the-grid research center. The Field Research Center (FRC) is located at Land O Lakes.


Beaver Dam Analogs

Beaver dams create entire ecosystems and mitigate erosion, especially in urban areas. The Beaver Dam Analog project imitates and studies beaver dams.

Turtle sanctuary


In 2018, thirteen rescued turtles were released into a special turtle sanctuary with the help of The Amphibian Foundation.


Bee Apiaries


The Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association and Southeast Beescapes maintain several healthy hives at Land O Lakes and on the Woodland Loop.

Water Stewardship


Water conservation, water quality monitoring, creek clean-ups, and wetland protection are a few ways Blue Heron help urban waterways.


Bit Building


The BIT Building program with SouthFace helps small nonprofits, like Blue Heron, improve building efficiency and sustainability.



A garden full of native flowers and plants blooms behind the Blue Heron building to give a special space for all kinds of butterflies.


Grants to Green

G2G Seal.png

In 2014, Blue Heron was awarded Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta Grants to Green Assessment grant.

The grant is designed to identify opportunities for improving the energy and water efficiency of the building infrastructure.

Plastic Reduction Atlanta

Plastic Reducation ATL.png

We are a proud partner of Plastic Reduction Atlanta.

We purchase and sell sustainably by avoiding plastics at events, in the office, and around the Preserve.


Have a native animal in need?

AWARE Wildlife Center

Accepts all species of injured, ill, or orphaned native wildlife. Animals are accepted daily from 9am - 7pm.

4158 Klondike Road, Lithonia, Georgia 30038