Community Garden


Founded in 2006, the Blue Heron Community Garden was the first in north Atlanta. It was established as part of a joint program between the City of Atlanta and Park Pride to put community gardens in city parks.

The garden is open to the public on a first come, first serve basis. For an annual fee gardeners are given a small plot to tend. There are over 30 garden plots available. Organic gardening principles that avoid the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides must be followed. Gardeners are also responsible for working together to maintain the common areas in the garden.

The garden also grows vegetables which are donated to the St. Luke’s Crossroads Kitchen, a volunteer-based effort that feeds the homeless in Midtown. Each fall the gardeners celebrate the season with a harvest dinner featuring dishes made with food grown in the garden. Good food is shared and friendships are strengthened.

If you are interested in gardening with us, contact Brooke Vacovsky ( about plot availability.