The Arts


Cultural Arts

Cultural and visual arts are supported at Blue Heron, from outdoor theater to film. Learn more about our programs and partnerships, or contact us if you are an artist or have a recommendation.

Outdoor Theater at Blue Heron

In the outdoor classroom or on the trails themselves, Blue Heron is a perfect venue for open-air theater. Our partners at the Green Theater Group have performed several shows for families here, bringing new life to hikes.



Art Gallery

The Blue Heron Art Gallery is a non-profit space dedicated to exhibiting work with an environmental thread. It is a small but exquisite gallery in a beautiful architectural space in the middle of a 30-acre nature preserve. Blue Heron shows work on a quarterly basis with a reception for the public. We hope to provide a lens for people to see the close connection between art and nature.

Interested in exhibiting your work with us? Want to schedule a viewing of our current exhibit? Please contact our Art Director, Sally Eppstein at (678) 642-5300.

These paintings are not about duplicating a photograph. The photo is a point of reference only. The aim is to capture the vision, the moment; and process it through a personal filter.”     ~ Kathy Meliopoulos


Current ExhibitS

Bird Icons - Tim Hunter

April 22nd - June 2nd 2017

This series uses the traditional format found in religious paintings throughout history and cultures of using gold as a radiate source of light surrounding the figure. In this case the figure depicted is from nature rather than any established religion and is meant to represent the spiritual aspect of nature and birds which have long been symbols of the spirit.
hese works are all oil paint on wood panels or Masonite 10" x 8" vertical or 8" x 10" horizontal. The gold is composition leaf which is often referred to as "imitation gold leaf". Each painting is framed in a 2 1/2" wide satin black wood frame.
rice is $450 each which includes frame, shipping, and handling.


Art of Nature - Various Artists

April 22nd - June 2nd 2017

The annual Art of Nature exhibition is in its third year now and is being sponsored by Blue Heron. The theme for this year's 6-week outdoor art installation is TreeSpeak, artists keeping Atlanta the City in the Forest.  More artists applied to exhibit, than ever before, and from states as far away as Michigan.       

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Previous Exhibits

Hidden Gem/Haven Show

May 16, 2016 - September 16, 2016

Please visit the Women’s Caucus for Art of Georgia for Hidden Gem/Haven Show, which celebrates what the Blue Heron Nature Preserve, the hidden gem/haven, does to protect the natural habitats in the high density neighborhood of Buckhead, Atlanta, GA.

The curator is the founder and executive director of the BHNP, Nancy Jones, who is an artist and was an art teacher for Fulton County Schools. 

The 17 Artists in the Show are:
Kathy Meliopoulos
Ann Rhodes
Beverly Baker
Claire Chambless
Tim Hunter

Helen DeRamus
att Walker
on Dougan
Diana Toma
Katherine Mialkowski
Kelly Cosby

Hellenne Vermillion
Maggie (Vickie) Bethel
Michael Holmes
Donna Horn
Flora Rosefsky
Steve Morrison


Art in Nature Exhibit on Blue Heron Grounds featured through June 4, 2016

“Glory Wings” Totem Sculpture by Roxane Hollosi (insert photo)


Pam Longobardi “Drifters”
October 10th – November 28th, 2015 

Learn more about Pam on her website, or her drifters blog. Pam will forever change the way you think about plastic.


Works by Dave Savage

Date - Date (??)
Sculptures on loan from local artist Dave Savage were staged near the office entrance on Roswell Rd, near our sign.

These sculptures made the garden look very lively – thank you, Dave.


Art Of Nature 2015 Outdoor Exhibit
Here are some photos from the Opening Reception, thanks to Isadora Pennington, Maxine Hess and Sally Eppstein.

“The Enchantment of Place”

March 29th – May 29th, 2015


Diane Evans’ Show: “SEEDS”

As summer 2012 came to a close and the plant world slipped into sleep mode, we welcomed Diane Evans’ beautiful images of SEEDS to the Blue Heron Gallery. Rich images of intricate seed pods and fronds carefully executed in mixed media, collage and paint were exhibited. This show ended December 31st, 2012.


Bill Boleys’ Photography Exhibit: “Trees”
Exhibit dates were extended for this beautiful show, which ended September 2012.


Sharon Beals Photography Exhibit: “NESTS”
The winter winds of 2011 ushered in the work of San Francisco photographer Sharon Beals to the Blue Heron Gallery, which ended in May 2012. Sharon spent 3 years photographing archived bird nests in natural history and zoological museums in California. This was a rare chance for the public to take a peek at these fabulous nests as the collections were only open to the scientific community. Sharon’s photographs are spell binding, reflecting the rich, beautiful nest making ability of birds the world over.

The November/December issue of American Photo (a glossy, nationally circulated, bimonthly magazine) selected the Top 56 Photo Books of the Year.  Of the 7 in the Environment & Nature category is “Nests:  Fifty Nests and the Birds that Built Them by Sharon Beals”. The review is as follows:

“Drawn from the exquisite collections of three California-based academies and institutes, the nests in these delicate, detailed images reflect the meticulous care and skill of their creators—50 species of birds, each described in facing-page text that’s as free of scientific jargon as it is informative.”

We had a great turnout for the opening and lecture!  Check out her images at


Our Artists

Art Director Sally Wansboro Eppstein:

“I was raised in Augusta, Georgia but my first real education began when I moved to New York City and went to school at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Living in the city and being exposed to so much diversity and so many art museums was a huge part of my education. I majored in jewelry, and I did both design and studio work. After I completed the associate program, I moved back to my hometown to complete my B.F.A. at Augusta College (now Augusta State University).

After receiving my B.F.A, I taught art for 10 years to kindergarten through high school students in both public and private schools. While teaching I continued my art practice by selling my jewelry and paintings throughout the Southeast.

The biggest influence in my art has always been nature. My latest series of paintings have focused on different feathers of song birds, birds of prey, and waterfowl. As part of my time as artist-in-residence at the Blue Heron Nature Preserve I made an eight-foot stainless steel feather sculpture. I see feathers as being so fragile, just as I see our environment, which has inspired me to become a big tree activist. 

I was inspired to start sculpting when I saw the Art on the Beltline, and it is amazing how many skills from my jewelry training have translated to my large totems.

Currently, I am the Art Director of the Blue Heron Nature Preserve Gallery and the President of the Women’s Caucus for Art of Georgia.

Other achievements are getting into Vermont Studio Center, being awarded the first Artist-in-residence at the Blue Heron Nature Preserve, being awarded an Emerging Artist Award for the Gasparilla Festival in Tampa, FL and being a part of Art Leaders of Metro Atlanta with Atlanta Regional Commission 2016.”

  Sally's steel feather at the entrance of the Blue Heron Nature Preserve.

Sally's steel feather at the entrance of the Blue Heron Nature Preserve.

Artist-in-residence Tim Hunter:

Although a North Fulton native who grew up in Sandy Springs, Hunter had a studio, studied and exhibited for many years in San Francisco. His background is influenced by the Asian and conceptual art he studied during the ’70s. The themes that Tim works with “have connections to a ‘Southern’ sensibility: nature, memory, loss, history and personal expression,” he describes. His studio is now back in Atlanta, where he also teaches Illustration and Design at The Art Institute of Atlanta. For the past several years his work has focused largely on the images of birds at risk, their symbolic associations and his own personal interest.

As a winner of the eighth Open Studios Southern Artists Competition, Hunter’s “Birds in Peril” panels are featured in the Juried Exhibition-in-Print Catalog Number 46. His grey concrete panels with bold black asphalt silhouettes were inspired by Audubon’s bird paintings. In the Catalog, New American Paintings, Tim says ‘I am interested in how every aspect of life combines to create a larger whole and the importance of individuals in the ”Big Picture.”

Tim has left his mark visibly on Blue Heron through his mural “Avian Archipelago” that greets visitors with over 50 bird and plant species that are either extinct or endangered.