Blue Heron Nature Preserve Is a Public Park... but it's so much more than that.


Blue Heron Nature Preserve is an island of green space located in fast-paced Atlanta. It is a publicly accessible sanctuary where trees filter pollutants and buffer noise from busy roads.

BHNP provides habitat in an area where much natural habitat has been taken over by concrete. It is an area where threatened species can thrive. Our land is a refuge for animals like the red fox, white tailed deer, coyote, muskrat, mink, otter and beaver. Turtles, fish, crayfish and freshwater clams make their home in the Preserve's shallow waters. Native plants nourish butterflies, birds and bees, who fill our woods with flashes of color and song.

The Preserve invites you to visit us to hike or picnic on our grounds at no charge. We also offer many art and nature classes, events and day camps.

Blue Heron Nature Preserve has many initiatives going on right now. Click on any of the programs listed below to learn more.

Blueway Trail Initiative 

Internship Opportunities

Volunteer Efforts

Meadows for monarchs

Beaver Advocacy

Community Garden

Water Stewardship

Wildlife Rescue Resources