Water Stewardship


Blue Heron Nature Preserve has an important role in the city to protect our urban waterways and wetlands. Water conservation, water quality monitoring, wetland protection and much more goes into our role as stewards for Atlanta’s water.

Our community garden and building have rain barrels to catch rain for re-use in our hoses to care for the community and children’s gardens. We are always advancing the technology in our building to be the most efficient, and part of the BIT Certification program involves mindful water efficiency.

Blue Heron also partners with Chattahoochee River Keepers to take samples regularly from Nancy Creek and submit them for water quality testing. This testing program, called Neighborhood Water Watch, looks at bacteria levels, along with other chemicals that may be in the water. This data is available to the public here, at the CRK website, along with information about other programs and efforts to protect the Chattahoochee and its tributaries. This link to the US Geological Survey data for Nancy Creek at Rickenbacker may also be of interest to our neighbors. For those looking for more information about water quality in our area, here is the link to the US Geological Survey Chattahoochee River BACTERIAlert data, which regularly looks for bacteria that would make the water unsafe for swimmers.