Volunteering at the Blue Heron Nature Preserve

Donations of your time and talents are welcome. Check out some of our volunteer opportunities below and fill out the form if you are interested in helping. 

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Volunteer Area(s) of Interest


Become an advocate for the initiatives Blue Heron is most passionate about by representing the Preserve at our events and effectively communicating our vision and values. We also need volunteers to help setup, breakdown and clean-up for all annual events:

  • Earth Day Celebration (April 21st 2018, 9 am - 2 pm)
  • Doggie Daze (July 14th 2018, 9 am - noon)
  • Blue Heron Birthday Celebration (October 20th, 2018, 10 am - 2 pm)
  • Festival of Native Trees (December 2018)

In addition, you can also help with taking photographs, leading tours and other tasks as assigned.


Educational Support

We need volunteers to serve as docents and lead tours of the Preserve, assist our teachers in the classroom and serve as a representative for Blue Heron at events.

In the classroom are also opportunities for you to take photographs of the events, documentation of the classes, help with setup and breakdown along with other tasks as assigned.


Wildlife and Water Research

We need volunteers to help with water quality testing, ground water monitoring and wildlife video camera management. Volunteers will receive assistance and training on how to properly complete these tasks.


Native Plant Conservation

Participate in our tree survey, invasive plant species removal, and native plantings in the spring and fall to help advance the mission to restore native plant habitats in an urban environment. 



We need high quality images of the Preserve that we can use digitally on our website and for e-newsletter reporting. Like to take photos? We would love to use your images and credit you on our website!



Like to garden?  Our community garden could use your help! Opportunities include weeding and watering, turning the compost monthly, orchard and plant bed maintenance along with any other tasks as assigned.


Recycling and Trash

We have containers out for the public to dispose of trash they find in the Preserve. This also includes cleanup and regular maintenance of the dog waste bag stations. We would greatly appreciate the assistance of a volunteer to empty these containers on a regular basis.

Weekly trash pickup is needed along roadsides (Rickenbacker, Roswell and Lakemoore) and at the Emma Lane entrance. Volunteers will also periodically remove trash along the Lakemoore/Roswell Rd pond edge.


Community Service

Interested in Community Service hours? You can complete them right here at the Preserve and we are happy to sign off on any paperwork you have. We often get requests from individuals, scout and school groups and high school students needing to fill their required hours for graduation.