Trailblazers Summer Day Camp

for Ages 8-12
Ratio: 10 campers for 2 instructors


Trailblazers Description

The Trailblazers camp provides the opportunity to pursue your child’s own outdoor interests. Environmental Educators teach your child outdoor survival skills and engages them in Citizen Science work.

Trailblazers have exclusive access to Land O’ Lakes- home to an off-the-grid solar powered research facility.

Times and Prices

Half Day: $45/day

Half Day with Lunch Bunch: $50/day

Full-Day: 9am - 4pm, $375 for the week

Extended Day Hours (additional fee required): 8:30am - 4:30pm

You must provide your child with a nut-free lunch.

Early registration and camp discounts are offered to
Flock (or above) members.

Member registration begins in January, 2020.

Summer 2019 Camp Themes


The Secret Life of Trees

May 28-31st and

July 29th-August 2

Trees do incredible things that we never notice- until we get close!

This week, Trailblazers will seek out the best climbing trees at Blue Heron, see a leaf breathe, and explore under bark and in roots for the secrets of trees.



June 3-7th and

July 8-12th

Let’s learn all we can about insects- by going out and catching them! We’ll learn how to build pitfall traps, use butterfly nets and sweep nets, and even participate in “Caterpillars Count!”- a Citizen Science project helping scientists understand important information about insects and other arthropods!  

IMG_8294 (1).jpg

The Big Week

June 10- 14th

This is Blue Heron’s version of a birding Big Year! We’ll not only try and find as many birds as we can in one week, we’ll also try to find as many plants, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and any other living thing we can think of! To top it all off, we will enjoy a bird banding demonstration from Atlanta Audubon.



June 17-21st and

July 22-26th

Get ready for a week of water exploration! As aquanauts, we’ll study water quality, find interesting aquatic animals, and explore the wondrous ways water works. This week will include visits to our creeks and pond, but also the creation of our very own water experiments in our summer camp lab!


The Buzz on Bees  

June 24th - 28th and

July 15th - 19th

Did you ever wonder how bees communicate or what it would be like to be a beekeeper? Find out this week as we explore bee life at Blue Heron! We’ll learn about bees from a Certified BeeKeeper, get to check out the honeybee hives at Blue Heron, play bee games, and even make our own solitary bee houses!  


I, Naturalist

July 1st - 3rd and

August 5-9th

Our Trailblazers are incredible naturalists, able to spot a speeding hawk or catch a giant bullfrog tadpole. We’ll help them continue to hone their skills by learning outdoor skills for tracking and observing wildlife, creating our own shelters and sit-spots, and discovering how to interpret the sounds of the forest.

We’ll also practice using “inaturalist”, an app that helps us identify the species we find and collects data on the biodiversity at Blue Heron.