Trailblazers Blog

The Secret Life of Trees Part I
May 28th-31st 


May 28

The morning was spent getting to know everyone and planning out our week.

We got a good group of ideas and interests together that included exploring the creek, climbing trees, and painting rocks!

We took a stroll around the preserve so everyone could get a good feel for the area.

In the afternoon, we made tea using local edible plants and learned about foraging for food in the forest.

May 29

We participated in working together to build bridges across the creek.

A multitude of supplies were tested, but bamboo seemed to be the strongest and best material for bridges.

Using nets, we successfully caught a tadpole and observed it swimming around in a container before releasing it back into its natural world.

Also, watercolors were used to create some awesome art projects!

May 30

Back to the bridges to perfect them even more.

This time, some natural clay was added to make the bridges even stronger!

We made bird feeders from pine cones and crisco, and spent some more time foraging for sorrel, a delicious edible plant.

In the afternoon, we visited the Emma Wetlands so explore and check out the bird blind.

As always, playing in the creek was very fun and enjoyed by all!


 Insectlopedia Part I
June 3rd-7th 


June 3

The trailblazers turned some of their favorite videos games into a real life camp challenge.

The campers designed the Full Metal Currency system to gain points and earn ‘supplies’.

The trailblazers also enjoyed finding many critters in the creek. They made a temporary zoo to hold their little friends including several salamanders, water beetles, and a crawfish.

The trailblazers also brought back to the FRC a bucket full of clay, which the campers used to make an ant fort and leaf impressions.  

June 4

Trailblazers wondered through the unbeatened forest looking for shelter and materials, and they stumbled accross a stream and bamboo forest. Not expecting a creek, one of the campers yelled, “Teacher, we got to show you something!”

Some campers collected leaves and pinecones to make sculptures, while others made a mandala of leaves, sticks, and pinecones.

Back at the FRC, students turned clay into huts, ponds, turtles, and four legged friends. 

June 5

The trailblazers began the day with a game of trail signs. Breaking up into two groups, the campers identified cool things in nature and left trail clues for the other group to find their treasures. The campers enjoyed making the trail signs obvious and not-so-obvious for their opposing team.

One group’s clue was ‘something pink in nature’, referring to a Morning Glory flower. Instead of the flower, the second group found a Pink Power ranger assuming that was the treasure. There are many surprises to be found in nature! 

June 6

Cloudy with a chance of rain seemed to shift the Trailblazers plans frequently throughout the day. Starting at the FRC, the campers put together personal entries for a guide; their concepts included, a story about a salamander named “Goldleaf”, instructions on how to make a fishing pole, and a list of anime character tiers. The trailblazers then traveled down to the main building for lunch and a few fun games in the sand. 

June 7

Trailblazers made there way to the main building and began the day with a walk around the pond. We stumbled across an Eastern box turtle, and instructor, Ms. Linda taught us how to properly hold the turtle without getting harmed or harming the turtle. One the hike around the pond the students collected items to make insect zoogles. In the afternoon, the campers finished their zoogles and pages for a guide. 


The Big Week
June 10th-14th 


June 10

To start off our morning, we went on a hike around the property. We made a list of all we observed- there are so many living things around us!  Next we set bug traps in the sand.

After lunch, we played some new and new-to-a few games before exploring the giving wall and taking a few risks.

All in all, it was a great first day of camp!

June 11

The weather was perfect today! It allowed us to set some bug traps, make scavenger hunts and then trade them with another group, and play manhunt- all before lunch. 

 After lunch, we explored the creek. We hunted for fish, made a bridge, and played! In doing so, we saw many animals- deer, caterpillars, damselflies, and heard green frogs and a barred owl. 

Can’t wait for tomorrow! 

June 12

We started off the morning with a new friend from Audubon, Adam. He showed us a Carolina Wren that he caught in a mist net before letting it go. We listened to a lot of birds at Emma wetlands, but unfortunately, didn’t catch any more in the nets. That, in itself, is a learning experience. :)

In the afternoon, we started work on a human size nest and did letterbox activity. It was a great day! 


 Aquanauts Part I
June 17th-21st 


 The Buzz on Bees Part I
June 24th-28th 


Aquanauts Part II
July 22nd-26th


The Secret Life of Trees Part II
July 29th-August 2nd


 I, Naturalist Part II
August 5th-9th