The Arts at Blue Heron

Our goal is to provide a lens for people to see the close connection between art and nature.


Art Gallery

Susan Loeb, a long-time friend of the Preserve, is showing Reflections until March 29, 2019.

Contact Art Director Sally Eppstein,, for a tour.

Join us for the free art opening on Saturday, Jan. 26 from 12pm - 2pm!

Mural by Sachi Rome.

Mural by Sachi Rome.

Art of Nature

Art of Nature is an annual outdoor exhibit. 

Each spring, nature-themed artwork by local artists are showcased in the Preserve.


Artist in Residence

The 2019 Artist in Residence is Hannah Israel.

Hannah Israel reflects on information as a form of abstraction. The nature of her work maps the relationships of our existence by illustrating how fragile time can be and how predictable our experiences can be based on the temperament of the world around us. 



In the outdoor classroom or on the trails themselves, Blue Heron is a perfect venue for open-air theater. Our partners at the Green Theater Group have performed several shows for families here, bringing new life to hikes.

Learn more about our programs and partnerships by contacting Sally Eppstein, Art Director, at