Blue Heron & The Arts

Our goal is to provide a lens for people to see the close connection between art and nature.

We are an active supporter of the arts in Atlanta through exhibitions in our gallery, art classes, our Artist-in-Residence Program, and our annual Art of Nature exhibit.

Art Gallery

Our small but well-equipped gallery is housed in BHNP's contemporary style administrative building. 

Currently, we are hosting "To Be In Leaf" by Jiha Moon.

Want a tour of the exhibit? Contact our Art Director, Sally Eppstein,

Purchase prints of her work on our web store! The gorgeous and spunky ceramic pieces are for sale in-person only.

Art of Nature Exhibit

The Art of Nature is an annual outdoor exhibit hosted by BHNP. Each spring, we curate environmentally-themed artwork by local Atlanta artists to showcase out in the Preserve.

Artist in Residence

The 2018 recipient of Blue Heron Nature Preserve's Artist in Residence is Jiha Moon.

Learn more about our Artist in Residence program here.

Moon will be creating artworks inspired by nature and presenting a collection made for BHNP at a local gallery in December (2018.) 

Moon works in a variety of media including ceramic, painting and printmaking. Visit Moon's website to see more of her work.


In the outdoor classroom or on the trails themselves, Blue Heron is a perfect venue for open-air theater. Our partners at the Green Theater Group have performed several shows for families here, bringing new life to hikes.


Learn more about our programs and partnerships by contacting Sally Eppstein, our Art Director, at