BHNP Supports the Arts in Atlanta

Blue Heron Nature Preserve is an active supporter and exhibitor of the arts in Atlanta through Arts Exhibitions, Art Classes, an Artist-in-Residence Program, an Annual Outdoor Art Exhibition (coordinated with Earth Day) and a Virtual Art Gallery.


bhnp Art Gallery

The Blue Heron Art Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting work with an environmental thread. It is a small but well-equipped gallery in a classic contemporary style building placed in the middle of our 30-acre nature preserve. Blue Heron shows work on a quarterly basis with a reception for the public. We hope to provide a lens for people to see the close connection between art and nature.




The Art of Nature was founded by the Women's Caucus of Art, Georgia Chapter. Currently this exhibition is being hosted by Blue Heron Nature Preserve. The event has been coordinated to open the same weekend as Earth Day, due to the significance of the date and the excellent weather for viewing outdoor artworks.




Artist in Residence

The 2018 recipient of Blue Heron Nature Preserve's Artist in Residence is Jiha Moon. Ms. Moon works in a variety of media including ceramic, painting and printmaking. She will be creating artworks inspired by nature and presenting a collection made for BHNP at a local gallery in December of this year. We are very excited to see more of her whimsical, lyrical artwork this year!


Blue Heron hosts many outdoor performing events throughout the year. 

Virtual Art Gallery

Blue Heron hosts many outdoor performing events th