Summer Day Camps & Nature Weeks

About Our Camps

Our camps value small group experiences, hands-on exploratory learning, and child-led learning.

Experienced environmental educators help campers discover how to interact positively with the world around them.


ages 2 - 4

For Little Blue Herons, we focus on sensory exploration and positive experiences in the natural world.

Little Blue Herons Day Camp is offered M/W/F for most weeks, and some weeks also include T/Th. These options are separate, but you can register for both to create a 5-day camp experience!


Ages 5 - 8

An engaging camp for older children that focuses on outdoor nature exploration and play. 

Great Blue Herons get exclusive access to the Paint Box Mystery Art Camp.


Ages 8 - 12

This camp challenges children to expand their outdoor skills and scientific abilities with special expeditions.

Trailblazers get exclusive access to the Emma Wetlands and Land O Lakes, home of the 100% solar-powered conservation facility.


Counselor-in-Training Program

The cit program is For ages 13 - 18


The Amphibian Foundation’s Critter Camp is at Blue Heron!

Our partner, The Amphibian Foundation, is hosting Critter Camp; an exciting hands-on exploration into the world of amphibians and reptiles for ages 4-14.