School Programs

The following programs are available for all ages. If you are interested in scheduling one of these programs, fill out the inquiry form here and our Education Director, Amy, will get back to you.

Activities and programs available for scouts, school children, garden clubs or anyone! Field Trips are 90 minutes in length and $10 per child, with a $75.00 minimum. Teachers and Chaperones are free. Reduced pricing available for Title 1 schools and others with proven financial need upon request. Blue Heron Educators can also visit your school. Outreach programs are $45 per class.


Programs offered are as follows:

Plants & Fungi


Tour the Preserve and take a scientist’s look at our native mushrooms. Gather materials to create a mushroom habitat and sculpt a mushroom from clay to take home.

Seed Discovery

Seeds travel in many ways. Learn about how seeds move through the world as we travel though the Preserve on a discovery walk. Start your very own seed collection in a miniature box to take home.


Plant Discovery

Learn all about plants and how they grow! Take a nature walk in our meadow areas and touch with your hands many of the different plants that grow at the Preserve. Paint a clay pot and plant seeds of your own to take home.


Enjoy a walk on our trails and pick, smell, and touch flowers along the way. Arrange your flowers in a basket as we walk and then make a daisy chain with your collection.

Explore the Community Garden

Take an in-depth tour of Blue Heron’s community garden and learn about plants that you can eat! Plant some seeds of your own in a small pot to take home.


Endangered Species

Tour the Preserve as we discuss plant and animal life in Georgia. How do animals and plants become extinct or endangered?

Owl Pellets

Learn about owls in a unique way by dissecting pellets that they regurgitate. Inside this cocoon like sac is an inventory of what owls eat. As you dissect your pellet you will discover very tiny bones of creatures that owls capture and devour. Amazing!

Bird Watching

Walk the Preserve on a bird watching adventure and make a bird feeder from a recycled water bottle to either hang at the Preserve or take home.

Wildlife Walk

Tour the Preserve and look for the very special critters that live at Blue Heron Nature Preserve and record your findings in a nature journal to take home.

Nest Making

View and discuss diverse habitats for birds as we discover the beauty of the Preserve and collect our own materials to make a cozy nest.

Monarch Butterflies

Learn about butterflies and their habitat through our Meadows for Monarchs program. Students can explore the meadows and see what attracts these beautiful insects to certain plants.


Go on an insect hunt as we tour the Preserve. Catch and release a small insect in a carrier to bring inside and study. We will draw and paint our observations to take home.

Honey Bee Class

Learn all about these fascinating insects with a certified beekeeper. Take a tour of the Blue Heron Apiary and experience firsthand the wonder of bees. Have a honey inspired snack in the Burrow and mix your own honey paint to create a watercolor painting to take home.


Discover red wriggler worms in the Preserve’s compost bin. Learn basic information about worms and composting in a hands-on way. Either separate the worm’s soil to use for potting seeds or create a worm bin for your classroom.

Land & Water

Creek Walk

Come with your water shoes or boots and explore the creek from a bird’s eye view! Learn about the Preserve’s history from the time of the Native Americans to now. Be an amateur biologist, geologist and archaeologist and examine the natural artifacts along the stream bed as we talk about water quality and conservation.

Mud Pies

Discover soils and water in a fun, hands-on way and mix up a muddy batter to make and decorate your very own mud pie to take home!
Students will collect, clay, sand and rich humus soils, feel the texture of each and see where the soils come from as they work on their pies. We will collect nuts, berries, leaves, etc. to decorate our pies.

Fort Building

Collect wood and stick pieces to build a fort at the Preserve. This is an engaging way to learn about the land, decomposition, trees, mushrooms and more as you use problem solving skills to make a fort.

Water and Soils

Focus your study on either soils or water. This tour and discussion will also include landforms and pollution with either water testing or soil sampling. Students will have a sample bottle to take home.

Hiking and History

Kids will travel back in time with a discovery walk along Nancy Creek, which was the lifeblood of Native Americans and early settlers in area. Kids will hunt for ancient artifacts on its banks and build a fishing weir like the Creeks would have used more than 200 years ago.

Rock Collecting

Learn about the geology of the Preserve as we take a walking tour and collect specimens along the way. We will sort our collections in a container to take home to jump start our own rock collection.


Take a scavenger hunt though the Preserve looking for trash! Discover how water and soil can change the composition of materials over time. Talk about why trash dumped in the environment is bad for people and animals. Help clean up the Preserve and take your favorite pieces home!