Outdoor Explorers After School Program


The Outdoor Explorers After School Program

is held at several Atlanta area public and private schools. To register, please click on the school name above that your child attends.  

The Outdoor Explorers after school program happens at your child's school, and is offered as an enrichment program during after school. The program is run by expert naturalists from Blue Heron, and intended to provide your child time to explore and learn about their schoolyard. Time is spent outside at almost every session, so children should come prepared to get dirty and wet. We love turning over rocks and logs and digging in the dirt!

How to prepare:

Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather. During the winter and spring, wearing layers and always having a hat, jacket and gloves helps children feel comfortable. During the summer and fall session, we ask your permission to apply bug spray or sunscreen. Having a reusable water bottle is vital! 

If you have any questions, or want to get our Outdoor Explorers after school program at your child's school, please contact Amy Zvonar, Education Director: amyz@bhnp.org.