Treat the Park as your Heart!

Generally it's advised to treat your heart as healthy as possible. This should be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, some pedestrians don't see this as necessary for Mother Earth's heart that is nature! It's alive and well until we harm it.

This past weekend, our Projects & Operations Manager Brooke Vacovsky, went out to the sandbar on Nancy Creek with a few of our great volunteers. Sadly, they found plenty of bottles, styrofoam, and more that polluted the area. They picked up an entire large trash bag full of litter and cleaned Nancy Creek's lovely sandbar. It's so important to remember not to litter so that trash doesn't clog and pollute waterways and end up in natural habitats of animals who are harmed internally or externally by toxic garbage. Here is a list of ways in which plastic pollution harms native animals. 

Here is an Atlanta Community website where you can learn more about Georgia's pollution laws and how you can help the problem. Here is a petition you can sign to increase recycling in Georgia.