​Exposure Film Project by Ani Yahzid

We talk about nature and the importance of communities preserving natural habitats frequently, but do we ever talk about the diversity of people visiting those preserved places? Ani Yahzid, filmmaker and student at Colorado University in Boulder, has started a project which seeks a way to integrate multicultural urban youth into nature in an authentic way. 
This summer he plans to take Atlanta Hip-Hop Artist Quintavious Anderson and Producer Keylan Anderson to Olympic National Park to film "outdoor exploration and recreation through the lens of urban culture". Like many urban youth, neither has had a wilderness experience.  Ani hopes that by capturing their experience, others will be inspired to seek their own experience in nature and we as a society will find a way to make nature available to everyone.  He has been invited to screen the movie at the Adventure Film Festival in October. We wish them good luck on this worthy effort!

To learn more about his project or to donate, visit his Indiegogo fund me site here.