Doggie Daze at BHNP

Doggie Daze was an adorable day to say the least! We thank all organizations who made it out to collaborate and spread awareness about ways to better the lives of man's best friend. Check out these wonderful pictures photographer Michael Thomas took.
A special thanks to:
Ahimsa House
CityDog Market
Lifeline Animal Project
BarkTown Dog Rescue
Best Friends Atlanta
Buttermilk Kitchen

Visitor's got to dress their dogs up for photos, enter a raffle for an awesome gift basket provided by CityDog Market, go on a guided tour of the preserve, and then get a free dog wash! We hope everyone who came enjoyed and made new furry friends. We can't wait to see you all again and many more pups next year! πŸΆπŸ©πŸŒ³β˜€οΈπŸ’™πŸ˜Š

New Wildlife Blind

Next time you're at the preserve, make your way over to our new Wildlife Blind! Thanks to our powerhouse of a project manager, Brooke, and a few of our trusty volunteers, Will, Sam, and Rosco, we now have a blind made of cedar instead of bamboo. This reconstruction took place through rough storms and heat, so we appreciate all of the hard work and effort put into this beautiful development. Here are some photos of the work in progress as well as the final product!


Doggie Daze at Blue Heron

Dogs and dog owners! Blue Heron Nature Preserve is hosting its third annual Doggie Daze event on July 15th, 2017 at 9am-11am. Buckhead and surrounding-area residents are invited to the Preserve for this free event to meet new friends, enjoy fun activities, and appreciate the outdoors. Nature tours and creek walks will be lead by Blue Heron guides for those who are happy to get their paws dirty 🐾 Doggie art & apparel will be available to make something special for their furry friends. Local pet-oriented businesses will be in the parking lot greeting furry & non-furry visitors, and local restaurant Buttermilk Kitchen is supplying a light breakfast as well. Most important of all, there will be several pets up for adoption or fostering, so consider stopping by if you'd like to care for a new cute companion. πŸΆπŸŒ€

Treat the Park as your Heart!

Generally it's advised to treat your heart as healthy as possible. This should be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, some pedestrians don't see this as necessary for Mother Earth's heart that is nature! It's alive and well until we harm it.

This past weekend, our Projects & Operations Manager Brooke Vacovsky, went out to the sandbar on Nancy Creek with a few of our great volunteers. Sadly, they found plenty of bottles, styrofoam, and more that polluted the area. They picked up an entire large trash bag full of litter and cleaned Nancy Creek's lovely sandbar. It's so important to remember not to litter so that trash doesn't clog and pollute waterways and end up in natural habitats of animals who are harmed internally or externally by toxic garbage. Here is a list of ways in which plastic pollution harms native animals. 

Here is an Atlanta Community website where you can learn more about Georgia's pollution laws and how you can help the problem. Here is a petition you can sign to increase recycling in Georgia.

First Completed Eagle Merit Badge Workshop at Blue Heron

This is Ethan Fisher. He is the first Eagle candidate to complete all of the requirements necessary for an Eagle Scout Merit Badge at Blue Heron Nature Preserve. Ethan joyfully turned in his independent work, a month-long bird study and a plant-leaf identification collection, on May 25th.

Ethan enjoys birding, and already had a bird feeding station in his backyard, so the bird study came naturally to him. For the plant leaf identification, Ethan returned to The Preserve after our Nature Merit Badge Workshop and made his collection from the plants in our Workshop and ones he researched on his own. He shared with us that he also snacked on the plants that he learned were edible while he was doing his work. Congratulations Ethan; You are so bright!

Community Garden Tour 2017

We want to thank Park Pride for selecting the garden at the Blue Heron Nature Preserve as one of their stops on the community garden tour that happened on May 20th. The gardens involved were the Marian Road Senior High Rise Community Garden; Chastain Park Conservancy's Farm / Chastain Urban Teaching Garden; and the Smith Family Farm Gardens at the Atlanta History Center. There was a great turnout of gardeners, interested neighbors, and knowledgeable community members to visit the different sites and discuss why community gardens are so important to a city, especially Atlanta. Visit their Flickr for beautiful photos of the event. πŸ’πŸŒ±πŸŒΏ

Audubon's Melanie Furr Rescues Woodpecker!

Melanie Furr, the Audubon Education Director, was out at Emma a few weeks ago with Adam, the Audubon Conservation Director.  They discovered a baby Downy Woodpecker who had fallen out of her nest. The nest was very high up in a willow tree on a dead limb.  After trying 2 different tree services for help, Melanie decided to care for it herself.  After almost 3 weeks of mealy worm feedings every 30 minutes, the bird will soon be ready to be released into the wild.  None of this would have been possible without such kind, caring individuals like Melanie and others.  Thank you Melanie!

​Exposure Film Project by Ani Yahzid

We talk about nature and the importance of communities preserving natural habitats frequently, but do we ever talk about the diversity of people visiting those preserved places? Ani Yahzid, filmmaker and student at Colorado University in Boulder, has started a project which seeks a way to integrate multicultural urban youth into nature in an authentic way. 
This summer he plans to take Atlanta Hip-Hop Artist Quintavious Anderson and Producer Keylan Anderson to Olympic National Park to film "outdoor exploration and recreation through the lens of urban culture". Like many urban youth, neither has had a wilderness experience.  Ani hopes that by capturing their experience, others will be inspired to seek their own experience in nature and we as a society will find a way to make nature available to everyone.  He has been invited to screen the movie at the Adventure Film Festival in October. We wish them good luck on this worthy effort!

To learn more about his project or to donate, visit his Indiegogo fund me site here. 

Camden Phipps Volunteer Work Day

A hot week it's been in mid May! We are so grateful for the five volunteers from Camden Phipps who came out to the Emma Wetlands property to work on a flagstone landing as the finishing touch for the Wetlands Field Education Center. It has added a much more professional and put-together look to the WFEC. We thank these volunteers for their hard work and hope to see them again as visitors or volunteers!