Middle School programs engage older students in inquiry-based learning. The outdoor classroom is an excellent place for exploring science concepts learned in the classroom. We provide the option of longer field trips (up to 3 hours) for middle school groups looking to undertake field work and Citizen Science initiatives. 


Program Details:

  • Length: 90 minutes-3 hours
  • Scheduling: We schedule Field Trips Monday - Sunday. You may choose any time period between 10 am and 6 pm. 
    You must let us know how long you wish your field trip to be. We can assist with deciding the appropriate time for your group.
  • Theme Selection: Pick one of the themes from Plants, Animals, or Land and Water categories (see below). If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us! We will gladly design a program to fit your needs. 
  • Fee: $10-$15/child for groups under 45 students. $8-$12/child for groups of 45 and more. Reduced pricing available for groups with demonstrated financial need. Teachers and Chaperones are free. Parking is free. 
    All field trips have a minimum fee due 2 weeks prior to your trip, that is based on the estimated size of your group. This fee ranges from $75.00 for groups of 15 and fewer, to $325 for groups who estimate their size between 76 and 90 students. Any remainder due will be calculated and charged on the day of your trip. Please contact the office for details.
  • Maximum/Minimum # of Students: We do not require a minimum number of students to participate. You must be willing to pay our minimum fee. We are able to host a maximum of 90 students per day. Larger groups may choose to visit multiple days. 

Program Themes:

Life Science

Beavers and Wetlands
Endangered Species
Native and Invasive Plants

Earth Science

Rock Discovery
Water Quality Survey
Stream Dynamics