Little Blue Herons Blog

Week 1: Tuesday/Thursday group
May 29 and 31


Tuesday, May 28

Our Little Blue Herons group played in the Children's Garden and looked for worms to feed the turtles! It is so much fun to dig in the dirt, and discover living things.

When we got out into the woods, we wanted to test our gross motor skills. We found downed trees to balance on, and then challenged ourselves to see how far we could jump! It was such fun seeing if we could go further each time, and to make marks in the sand! It was a great day! 

Thursday, May 30

Our Tuesday/Thursday group loves to climb! We continued our climbing adventures from Tuesday by visiting the famous climbing tree, and seeing how high we could go! We had to try different ways of climbing to see what worked the best. What do you think? Walking up or crawling up?

It was also the perfect day to visit the creek. We walked over to the shallow, cool water and took a break from the hot day. We got to splash up to our ankles, and feel how cool the water was! It was fun to feel the chilly water on our feet, when it was so hot outside! 


Week 1: Wednesday/Friday group
May 29 and 31


Wednesday, May 29

We had a new group today, and decided to go on a walk around Blue Heron's turtle pond!! There are so many native flowers and grasses growing here, so we went on a color hunt.

We found bright yellows, pale purples, and vibrant greens! There are so many colorful flowers, we even discovered orange flowers (the butterfly milkweed that is good for Monarch Butterflies!). We were so into colors today, that we even read a book about colors, "Painting a Rainbow". What a magical day! 

Friday, May 31

Today was a day of climbing and hole digging! We visited our climbing tree and enjoyed going up and down. It is surrounded by soft sand, which is perfect for digging into and seeing how big and deep you can make a hole.

The area is also surrounded by lots of sticks- the perfect toy for a day in the woods! We made mini-forts to play in! When we were ready for a break from the sand, we visited our creek. The water is so shallow from the lack of rain, it was the perfect day to dip our toes in! What a great way to end our week, with a little ankle wading! 


Week 2: Monday/wednesday/friday group
June 3, 5, and 7


Monday, June 3

Adin and Ms. Megan  completed a 48 piece puzzle together. Adin was very curious about a hole we found as well!

Pierce was very interested in washing rocks in the wash basin in the garden. 

Hendrick enjoyed digging in the dirt and sand with different tools. 

Noah was a wonderful artist when drawing with chalk. He was a great jumper at the sand, too!

Jack had an important question about what was happening in the turtle sanctuary; what a curious mind! 

We had a wonderful first day of camp and all the boys enjoyed play time in the children’s garden. 

Wednesday, June 5

If ever I do a 500- piece puzzle, I want to have Hendrick as my partner! He is so good at looking for patterns and finding matches! 

Noah was a leader today! He was fearless as he leapt off a log into the water. 

Jack had a great insight when we spoke about bumblebees. He told me, “They make honey.” 

Our friend Asher needed help to walk through the creek the first few times, but when we went for round 2, he did it all by himself! 

Pierce is a delight to watch in the sand. He liked making a sand angel.

Adin was an excellent rock thrower today! He was safe and fearless in the water. 


Week 2: Tuesday/Thursday Group
June 4 and 6


Tuesday, June 4

Bo worked hard making a very creative house out of wooden blocks and boards. 

Cato was an excellent seeker, looking for animals in an animal book. He’s a great counter!

Callan was curious about what happened when a rock was put in a bucket of water.

Pierce practiced his balancing act on a fallen log; what equilibrium! 

Juliette loved making a mud and rock stew. So creative! 

During our time in the garden, Brooklyn defied gravity by balancing and jumping on stumps! 

With the tire as her prop, Coker was very imaginative, using it as a car. She also worked on her muscle coordination and rolled it around the garden for quite some time!

Thursday, June 6

Bo remarked on our walk that “snakes like the rain.”

Brooklyn has a lot of observations about trying to save a worm from ants. She moved the worm away from “bad ants.”

Coker created a music station in the garden. She and Bo are going to start a family band! 

Callan is going to be a long distance runner! He kept us on our toes today; his curiosity is amazing! 

When asked what his favorite part of the morning was, Cato quickly responded “hiking!” He was wonderful at leading the way. 

Juliette was so brave today! She touched the bearded dragon multiple times. It was awesome :)

Mud pies were on the agenda for our friend Asher today! He was a gourmet chef in the outdoor kitchen.  


Week 3: Monday/Wednesday/Friday
June 10, 12, and 14


Monday, June 10

We wiggles and squiggled the way through our day as we explored the perfect weather for worms.

Our day started in the classroom thinking about the clever shape of the spiral! We made cinnamon rolls, snakes, and challah bread with playdough as we talked about the shape. 

Next came singing friends names and moving like flying lizards and we headed outdoors.

We had fun reading about worms in our children’s garden as we shared a snack, then searched for worms so our turtles could have a snack. 

Making music on our music wall was a fun and loud activity! The learning became more in-depth as we turned over buckets and used different materials to create sounds and then create patterns with the different sounds. It is amazing to see them creating such creative ideas. 

We made our way to the woods but stopped along the way catch raindrops on our tongues. While in the woods we balanced on logs, dug chipmunk holes and found a tiny toad. 

The day finished with lunch and reading. There will be much more to explore Wednesday! We can’t wait! 

Wednesday, June 12

At the start of our day some friends chose to read in our book-nook while other cut playdough and made dinosaur teeth. 

Worms have been an interest of everyone this week so we headed outside to find more worms and make worm homes. After squishing different types of soil  in our hands we layer jars with soil and added worms and centipedes. There was lots of conversation about why worms come out in the rain and how they make tunnels. 

We then gathered butterfly nets and headed up our big hill to the meadow. The meadow is always beautiful with color flowers and tall grass, the grasses and flower reached twice as high as the children. We practiced sweeping with our nets and then split into groups, anytime some caught a spider or grasshopper the whole group cheered and crowded around the net to see. 

After all the excitement and exploring it was time to head inside for hand washing and reading “just one more book please”. After two books we shared lunch and waved goodbye to friends. 

Friday, June 14:

Today was a great day! I was beyond thankful for a day without tears. Thank you to all three of you for your support this week! 

We spent most of our week with our focus down on the ground searching for worms in our wet worm weather, today was a nice cool dry day and we moved our focus up! 

Indoors we spent some time exploring acorns. We had great conversations about what an acorn is, what it turns into and what eats acorns. We even took time to sort acorn tops and bottoms and made lines and curves. 

We moved outdoors to explore birds and took a walk from one end of the forest to the other. We stopped along the way to listen to the sound of the creek and birds. We followed the sound of a bird call and found a cardinal perched on a tree. After spending some time watching the cardinal we tried to mimic the sound and then created our own bird calls. 

Later we moved to the middle of the forest to climb trees, while climbing we found an inch worm hanging from its silk tread, what I surprise to find a “worm” in the air instead of underground. 

We ended the day with a picnic lunch and sharing our favorite part of the day. 


Week 3: Tuesday/thursday
June 11 and 13


Tuesday, June 11

Today started off with working with our sense of smell! We muddled mint leaves and chives to experience the smells and then mixed them into our white clay which turned green. It made the classroom smell wonderful! 

Then we headed out the door as a group of dinosaurs and stomped our way to the children’s garden. We shared a snack and played with our dirt and sand. Some friends chose to transport dirt from one spot to another while others collected worms, then someone said, “we need water!” so we filled a large bucket with water, added some worms, some leaves for lettuce and rocks for potatoes and everyone joined into together to shared laughs over worm soup. 

We made our way to the butterfly garden to enjoy a quiet hidden space and spent some time drawing.

Next we were ready to track footprints and climb trees! We made our way to the forest and found animals tracks (dog tracks) and couldn’t decide if they were from a unicorn or a Jaguar. We then made our own tracks by sliding our feet and walking on our tiptoes. Our forest time finished out with Jaguar races and we headed back indoors to wash hands and share lunch. 

It was a busy and fun day and we can’t wait to explore the creek Thursday. 

Thursday, June 13:

We had another successful week with our Tuesday/Thursday group. See you all tomorrow! 

Today we explored birds and feathers! We cut and created our own feathers and built nest and made eggs, of course, some eggs were from birds and other from dinosaurs. 

Before heading out to the forest we had a meeting and each child was given a bag to carry any surprises they may find while we were out,  but inside each bag was a surprise. We closed our eyes very tight and all looked in our bags at the same time to find binoculars! It was great fun listening to them pronounce binoculars and learn how to use a new tool. 

We used our binoculars to play bird hide-and-seek. Children took turns hiding birds while other would find them. Then we matched the birds we found to pictures in our field guides and even took some time to draw and think about the colors. 

Next we enjoyed some time playing with our water wall and getting wet! Children poured water from one spot to another, watched water race down tubes and positioned buckets to catch water. 

At the end of the day we enjoyed a picnic lunch in the sun and shared about the favorite part of our day. 


Week 4: Monday/Wednesday/Friday Group
June 17, 19, and 21


Week 4: Tuesday/Thursday group
June 18 and 20


Week 5: Monday/wednesday/friday group
June 24, 26, and 28


June 26

Our Little Blue Heron group was ready to get ouside right away, there were many new places we wanted to explore!

Today was the first time we made our way to the butterfly teepee, many new bugs were waiting to be discovered. We found a caterpillar, brightly colored milkweed bugs and watch quietly as a bee gathered nectar from near by flowers. While eating our snack an ant came to visit and carry away some of our crumbs.

After snack we hiked the big hill up to the pond to paint our bee baths. It was lots of fun mixing paint colors together and talk about how bees drink water. Also while at the pond we took a wildflower walk and picked and smelled the flowers.

There was so much to see, hear and smell today! I’m sure everyone went home tired.


Week 5: Tuesday/Thursday group
June 25 and 27


June 25

Everyone was in a quiet peaceful mood today. We started the day indoor exploring bees and their hives. Someone decided they want to search for lots of insects so we wrote a list of things we wanted to find in the forest. The list consisted of: worms, turtles, a baby tiger, a caterpillar and a bird. We were sure to all carry a magnifying glass so we wouldn’t miss a thing.

We headed outdoors and spotted turtles right away! It is always fun to stop and watch our turtle friends. Then we headed to the best spot we knew for worms, the children’s garden. After finding many worms some friends from the Amphibian Foundation let us meet and touch Flash. He was the biggest turtle we have ever seen!

Off to the forest to check off the rest of our list. Many friends were in a quiet mood so we created a perimeter so everyone could spread out to have their own space. One friend spent lots of times catching and looking at crickets. Two other friend spotted a lacewing while hiding behind a tree. Another friend spent some time exploring mushrooms on a log. Eventually everyone came back together and we played a game of tag with our CIT.

We did our best of find all the items in our list but couldn’t find a baby tiger anywhere, perhaps we will try again tomorrow.

June 26

Today was such a busy and fun day! We started the day with using the insect stamps to make pictures and playing some new building materials. It was fun to make bed homes out of the building materials.

Out to the children garden for snack and worm digging by request from the campers. Then back inside for a couple of minutes to wonder and look at bees in the bee hive. All campers were wide eyed and we watched the bee friends move around the honey comb.

Off the the creek! Today was a beautiful day to explore the creek, the water was cool, the sun shining, and the cicadas were loud. The campers were truly immersed in their surroundings.

We tried to catch fish with out nets but no luck, maybe tomorrow. The campers spent lots of time in the natural clay on the banks. We found different colors of clay and felt how it squished on our hands. Then we made the most beautiful cake with a candle, the candle flame we quite a debate but soon the most perfectly shaped leaf was found, it bent just the way they imagined a candle to flicker.

It was time to go back for lunch and of course everyone wanted to stay. We shared our favorite part of the while we ate our lunch and talked about all the plans for tomorrow.


Week 6: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday group
July 1, 2, and 3


July 1

This week we followed the thread of sticks. We read the book “Max Found Two Sticks” by Brian Pinkney..It’s about a young boy named Max who finds twos and let’s his imagine fly with possibilities. While in the children’s garden the campers were inspired to make up songs and music with sticks, spoons and even shovels.

They made instruments out of trees, metal buckets, logs and other experimental surfaces. Tori sang a delightful song to a cicada she lovely named Squat. We collected sticks of various to take back to the room, Christopher had a keen eye for collecting.

We enjoyed playing in forts made by the older kids. Hendrix, Bee and Tori made up the game of the 3 pigs and the big bad wolf. Our mornings were filled with painting, drawing and story time. Our last day together we enjoyed snack on the bridge and a full day in the creek!

Scott created a game of catch with the creek. He would put his stick in the water and let it flow and try to catch it before it got too far away. Calvin made a bridge and together with Brianna they played mommy rock daddy baby rock. We all loved the sensation of the squishy mud which were ideal for mud pies. Though the week was short it was filled with wonder, excitement and togetherness. We hope you have a great holiday weekend.


Week 7: Monday/wednesday/friday group
July 8, 10, and 12


July 8

Pierce was asking about spiders a couple weeks ago so we spent the first part of the day trying to make spider webs and exploring their webs along the trail, so many different patterns were found. We stopped for our snack and read a spider book. While reading our book Adin noticed a web way up high in the tree, he and Noah tried to reach the web by using long sticks. Calvin noticed a web in the branches on the ground, he explored how it was almost invisible until the sunlight was just right to make it shine.

Adin and Noah went off to explore a dead log and noticed some marshmallows! We soon discovered it was mushrooms but it is much more fun to find marshmallows.

Off to the creek we went and what a surprise it was to Hendrick that we found webs in the logs in the water! How did the spiders get across the water?

Noah thought we should see what happens when the web gets splashed with water, it was really strong and didn’t break. Next a couple friends thought it might be strong enough to hold rocks but the web broke.

There was so much exploring going on in the creek that times past quickly, back inside to get dry.

We loved ending the day with lunch on the porch and talking about what we might see tomorrow.


Week 7: Tuesday/Thursday group
July 9 and 11


July 9

Today was another spider and creek day! While hiking to the creek Asher spotted a round spider web and mentioned that is was so beautiful. We all agreed and studied the webs shape and size, we even noticed the spider sitting right in the middle of the web.

After sharing snack and reading “The Very Busy Spider” at the foot bridge we spent some time looking for more webs. Davis found a huge amount of millipedes at the end of a rotting log and assumed they were all sharing a snack. There was conversation between Callen and Davis about what should be done with the millipedes...Davis would take them off the log and Callen would put them back on, this went on for quite some time each taking their turns doing what they felt best for the millipedes.

Off to the creek! Fishing nets in hand and down the muddy hill. Pierce, Blythe, and Asher were on the hunt for fish, patiently they watched the water and would splash down their nets and check to see if anything was caught. After many misses and no fish Addie said the fish must be sleeping and that is why we can’t catch any. Fun was had in the mud and many dirty hands and legs made their way back through the forest to have lunch.

It was such a fun day exploring the creek, we can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us!


Week 8: Monday/wednesday/friday group
June 15, 17, and 19



Little Blue Herons fluttered into the week learning about the metamorphosis of caterpillars. We then headed to the children’s garden to dig up worms and make ‘pumpkin soup’. The day ended in the sand with campers making tunnels and burying their feet.


Little Blue Herons made colorful butterflies while listening to a story about a classroom butterfly. Campers then headed to the creek with buckets in tow, and right before entering the creek, the Little Blue Herons ooh’d and ahh’d as a big blue heron flew by.


Little Blue Herons’ imaginations ran wild as we built a fire pit in the children’s garden with rocks and sticks. We then headed to the climbing tree where a few of us challenged our fear of heights. We added to the big Blue Heron stick fort, and the ‘big bad wolf’ invited us all over for tea.


Week 8: Tuesday/Thursday group
July 16 and 18


Week 9: Monday/Wednesday/Friday group
July 22, 24, and 26


July 22

"Today we explored all things tree! We made leaf rubbings with crayons, felt bark, and colored sticks. We read the book Trees are Nice and talked about what we liked about trees.

"I can grow trees", said one LBH

"I like leaves!", said another.

We made a "bonfire" out of sticks and orange leaves and watered plants in the children's garden.

Toward the end of the morning, we went on a hike and played in the sand. We discovered "grapes" fallen from the trees and did a great job taking turns carrying them back to the children's garden.

July 24

Today we did a lot of working with our hands. we painted watercolors and made bird nests with clay eggs. one camper proclaimed "I am covering the eggs to protect the baby birds." we played with sand outside and picked up leaves to decorate forts built by our older campers. Finally we had so much fun wading in the creek and playing with mud!

July 26

Today we had fun cleaning and getting really dirty! rock washing in the burrow quickly turned into scrubbing the floor and sweeping. then we got our hands messy playing wit clay and paint to make seed balls.

in the childrens garden we read books and made mud soup but according to one camper, the soup was "Nana's mac and cheese on christmas eve!" we had fun playing in the sand by the climbing tree and even caught a few worms.


Week 9: Tuesday/Thursday group
July 23 and 25


July 23

this morning we discovered how much fun it is to play in the rain! we made a stick soup and a pretend fire out of sticks and leaves. one camper suggested we could make our pretend fire out of fire ants! (dont worry- we didnt!) we explored how chalk feels when we get it wet and had fun digging and stomping in wet sand.

July 25

we began the morning building nests and bug homes with wood leaves and yarn. in the childrens garden we sprayed rocks with water and then decided to have a game of water tag! our water play was extended in the creek where we threw rocks dug in mud and got our feet wet. we also got to feed some worms to the turtles.


Week 10: Monday/Wednesday/Friday group
July 29, 31, and august 2


Week 10: Tuesday/thursday group
July 30, and august 1


Week 11: Monday/Wednesday/Friday group
august 5, 7, and 9


Week 11: Tuesday/thursday group
august 6 and 8