Great Blue Herons Blog

Dig it! Part I
May 28-May 31


May 29

The Great Blue Herons started off the day in full imagination mode. We learned each others names by sharing our names with a word that rhymes to help us remember.

We then explored all of the Preserve north of the building making note of poison ivy patches, hydrangeas blooming, and chipmunks.

Great Blue Herons then made their way to the sand for some digging and play. Campers made castles, searched for precious metals, climbed in nearby trees and mimicked animal noises.

In the afternoon the campers cooled off at the creek.

May 30

The Great Blue Herons took a new hike today that led to many exciting happenings near the wetlands.

While standing at the lookout spotting fish in the pond, the Great Blue Herons saw a huge snapping turtle, the size of a large watermelon!

One camper also dropped their water bottle into the pond, which led to a big water bottle rescue effort.

Camp staff grabbed poles and nets to try and catch the bottle, and the Great Blue Herons watched in suspense and gave the staff advice and support. 

May 31

The Great Blue Herons went out with a bang (and splash) for the last day of camp! 

The campers started the day splashing around the creek; they found rocks speckled with precious metals and found lots of Mica.

The campers also made mud men, looked at tadpoles and animal tracks too.

In the latter part of the day, we made seed bombs that can be launched into grassy areas, and the campers decorated treasure bags for things they would like to take home. 


Beyond the Pond Part 1
June 3-7


June 3

The Great Blue Herons had a wonderful first day of camp. We started off the day gathering ideas about how we wanted to spend out week, and got some fabulous suggestions. Some common goals were to catch fish, explore the creek, and build forts!

We set out for the morning into the forest to build some forts. The Great Blue Herons enjoyed gathering sticks and piling them up against trees to make a shelter.

Those who did not built forts spent a wonderful morning catching insects! Some insects we found included a beetle, a ladybug, and a bug that we couldn't decide whether it was an ant or a spider. To determine this, we had luckily brought out some insect field guides so were able to read through those to try and help us decide.

June 4

We had an awesome day spent mostly in the water. We used net to try and catch life in the creek, but no such luck. However we had a great time finding rocks and digging in the creek dirt looking for treasure. We also were happy to do our part picking up trash found in the creek so we could help keep it clean!

June 5

We completed an awesome scavenger hunt in the morning where we had to find items in nature. Items included a flat rock, something fuzzy, and a pinecone. Campers had to think about where we might find each item and then we would go hunting for it!

Then we went down to the creek for some water time. We spent some time observing how the creek flowed. Then we went on a hunt for items to build our own water aquarium for the classroom. We collected tons of creek rocks that we might even paint later on!

June 6

Today we did a longer hike all the way to the Community Garden. On our way there, we rolled over a few logs and found bugs galore! One camper even caught a large beetle! At the garden, we had a great time uses our senses for observation of all the neat plants and had a good time using hand lenses to look at the bugs on the plants.

On our way back, we walked a different way that allowed for some creek time. While at the creek, a camper found a feather. We brought the feather back to the classroom and using resource books, were able to identify it as a feather of a Great Blue Heron. What a fitting end to a wonderful day!


Some Bugs Part 1
June 10-14


June 10

We had a wonderful first day at camp learning and talking about bugs! We spent the morning drawing some dragonflies, then ventured outside to look for some bugs in real life. We brought out bug jars and hand lenses to help our research and collection. After we finished our bug hunting, we found we had caught millipedes, beetles, ants, worms, and even a large spider. What a fun first day! 

June 11

We began the morning with bug stencils! It was very fun getting to color the bugs all different colors and patterns. We even talked about what colors would help a bug be camouflaged from predators. We then ventured out into the forest to set some bug traps. We can't wait to check them to tomorrow and see if we caught anything! We ended the day at the community garden checking out all the bugs on the flowers, we even got to watch a bee in action on some sunflowers!

June 12

This morning, we made leaf prints, but all the leaves had holes in them from being munched on by bugs. It was fun getting to look at the different patterns the eating bugs had made on the leaves. It was a wet day in the forest so not as many bugs were out, but we had an awesome time building bridges and digging tunnels in the sand. We got to practice our engineering skills, and it was great fun! We checked one bug trap but it was filled with rainwater. We reburied it in higher ground and will check on it tomorrow!

June 13

The morning activity involved using watercolors to paint neat pictures of bugs! After that, we ventured out onto the forest. We checked on a bug trap, but no bugs. We climbed some trees, we dug to catch some bugs, and we even built a Moana raft. We ended our outside time with an insect themed version of duck, duck, goose called Fly, Fly, Praying Mantis!

June 14

We ventured to the community garden and saw some neat stink bugs and bees basking in the sun on all the flowers. We brought out our bug nets and took turns catching what we could. We ended up catching ladybugs and grasshoppers. Then we got to spend some quality time in the creek, and we even got to some magnetic fishing where we caught lots of rocks with minerals. 


Mud! Part I
June 17-21


X Marks the Spot Part I
June 24-28


Sketchy Nature
July 1-3


Beyond the Pond Part II
July 8-12


X Marks the Spot Part II
July 15 - 19


Mud! Part II
July 22-26


Some Bugs Part II
July 29- August 2


Dig it! Part II
August 5- 9