Grants & Awards

Grants to Green

In 2014, Blue Heron was awarded Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta Grants to Green Assessment grant funded by the Kendeda Foundation.  The grant is designed to identify opportunities for improving the energy and water efficiency of the building infrastructure. 

We partnered with Southface Energy Institute who provided technical expertise. The assessment identified significant savings by upgrading the HVAC and lighting infrastructure. 

In 2015, we were awarded an implementation grant to begin the upgrades identified in the assessment. We upgraded the furnace and the oldest heat pump units which had reached end of life. Wireless thermostats were also installed to give us greater control and visibility. In addition, we upgraded all our lighting to LEDs equipped with occupancy sensors to further minimize usage. We have realized nearly 30% reduction in our energy usage since the upgrades were complete in 2016!

Special thanks to Abby Francisco at the Southface Energy Institute who provided exceptional support throughout the project and to our implementation partners at E Sam Jones and Mann Mechanical.

We have joined the BIT Building program put on by Southface, which helps continue building efficiency!