Girl Scout Programs

We offer three different styles of programs for Girl Scouts, and within each of those program types are many options for topics or themes. The three main styles are: Nature Walks, Themed Programs and Badge Programs.

Nature Hike for Girl Scouts

Program Length: 60 minutes
Program Fee: $75.00 minimum; $8 per scout for groups 10 or more. 
Program Description: Join a Blue Heron Naturalist for a guided nature hike around the Preserve. We will explore our woods, creek and meadows as we learn to identify the native plants and animals that inhabit the Preserve.


Themed Programs for Girl Scouts

Program Length: 90 minutes
Program Fee: $75.00 minimum; $10 per scout for groups of 8 or more. 
Program Description: Explore any aspect of nature and the outdoors that interests your group. Our themed program options range from fort building to birding, and offer scouts the opportunity to take an in-depth look at a specific subject. Every program includes a tour of the Preserve and an art activity. While not geared towards any specific badges, these programs do cover many of the requirements for multiple badges. 


Badge Programs for Girl Scouts

Program Length: 90 minutes to 2 hours
Program Fee: $75.00 minimum. $10-$12 per scout once minimum has been met. 
Program Description: Badge programs at BHNP are designed to meet most or all the requirements of your Girl or Boy Scout badge, pin, loop and other awards related to the outdoors and the environment. Each program includes time outdoors exploring the Blue Heron Nature Preserve, so please come prepared with outdoor clothing and shoes, insect repellant and a reusable water bottle. Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact Amy with the requirements your group is looking to complete, and we will design a program for you! Continue reading to explore the options we offer.




Letterboxer – The ultimate treasure hunt!  You and your sisters work together to decipher clues to find hidden letter boxes, and collect stamps in your own log book, then create your own Letterboxer adventure!
Hiker – Get ready to get out in the great outdoors and make your hike the greatest experience ever! Create your own GORP to take along!
Bugs – Go on a buggy hike to find out about the creepie crawlies out in the forest and in the gardens. Explore which ones are beneficial or pesky, and tickle your taste buds with a little honey!
Senses – Use your senses, girl! We will explore the forest with our ears, eyes, taste buds and noses, and even find a mystery tree with our fingers!


Gardener – As we explore the BHNP, we’ll find out how many ways there are to create gardens. Let’s get a little dirty exploring soils and what plants need to grow up healthy, then we’ll plant seeds to grow at home.
Flowers – A flower is just a flower, right? No way! There’s more to a flower than just its good looks. Dissect a flower to see how it works, and find out how flowers can be helpful to you. We’ll make newspaper flower pots to start your own flower garden.
Animal Habitats – Did you ever wonder who lives in your backyard? Let’s explore the forest and Nancy creek, discovering where the wild animals go, what they need and where they hide their babies. Then we’ll make our own wild animal nest using materials we find in the forest!
Outdoor Art Explorer– Our art & environmental educator will lead your troop in an engaging five-step process that puts nature at your fingertips and art in your heart. We’ll design projects in a variety of mediums, make music outside, and tap into our creative voices through favorite animals, inspiring original works and maybe even a life-long love of art and nature.



We welcome Girl Scouts to the Preserve to complete any of their highest awards. We also welcome Girl Scout troops to the Preserve for individual or group programs. Contact Amy, our Education Director, to discuss girl scout projects and educational programs:

Local Girl Scout Clara completed her Silver Award with us at our Doggie Daze event, and it was a hit! She set up a dog wash for all the dogs coming back from hikes on the trails or in the creek, and people were very appreciative. Clara said “I really loved getting to participate in this neat community event! Meeting dogs of all shapes and sizes and their owners was a highlight for me.” Thanks Clara!


Scouting Badges Available
We have beautiful badges to order and purchase for all scouts. This badge fills the requirement of a visit to a nature preserve. Please contact Amy, our Education Director, to pre-order: