The Field Research Center

The in-the-field and off-the-grid facility for education, conservation, and research.

The Field Research Center (FRC) is a converted standalone garage that, with the help of our partners & supporters, has become a 100% off-the-grid solar powered conservation facility.

Our Land O' Lakes propery, home of the FRC, is full of life and wonder as the Amphibian Foundation restores Frosted Flatwood Salamander populations and the Atlanta Audubon Society researches bird populations.

Additionally, with the help of Southeast Beescapes, Blue Heron installed four beehives that thrive off the native wildflowers.

The Metamorphosis Meadow

The Amphibian Foundation uses this facility for conservation efforts to restore endangered amphibian populations like the Frosted Flatwoods Salamander, the Gopher Frog, the Striped Newt, and the Tiger Salamander.

Solar Energy

Through a partnership with Radiance Solar, Sonnen Batterie, RedBird LED, Cantsink, and many volunteers, the Field Research Center will be 100% off-the-grid by utilizing nature's great renewable resource - the sun.

Radiance Solar and Sonnen Batterie plan to use this project as a research opportunity because it is not connected to any electrical grid. 

The Bee Apiary

There are four honey bee hives located adjacent to the Field Education Center. We have several beehives throughout the Preserve.

Blue Heron Trailblazers Summer Camp

At Blue Heron, our summer camp program is flourishing and growing steadily, and its no wonder - the children have 30 acres to explore!

The Trailblazers in particular (the children 9 - 13 years old) are guided all over the Preserve, with the Field Research Center being the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Once they venture to the facility they can rest, have a snack, discuss what they've seen so far, and restock on exploration tools like butterfly nets, magnifying glasses, and field guides.



The FRC would not look like it does today without the help of dedicated and passionate volunteers.

A big thank you to Greening Youth, Hands On Atlanta, Oglethorpe University, Robert Leinback, Dana Wachsmann, and others for making this a functional and beautiful facility.