Conservation & Sustainability

BHNP started as a land conservation project back in 2000.

Conservation is a pillar of Blue Heron. We have expanded our efforts across all the ecosystems of the Preserve.

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Grants to Green

In 2014, Blue Heron was awarded Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta Grants to Green Assessment grant. The grant is designed to identify opportunities for improving the energy and water efficiency of the building infrastructure. 


Field Research Center

Our in-the-field and off-the-grid solar powered research facility. The FRC is utilized by Blue Heron, The Amphibian Foundation, and the Atlanta Audubon Society.

Beaver Dam Analogs

Beaver dams create habitats for themselves and many other species while mitigating flash flooding and erosion. We have begun a Beaver Dam Analog project to imitate and study beaver dams.


Community Garden

Our Community Garden is full of fruits, veggies, native pollinator plants, and so much more!

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Turtle sanctuary

In 2018, with help from The Amphibian Foundation, we released 13 injured and rehabilitated turtles into their new home. Now, these turtles reside happily right outside the BHNP building.


Bit Building Project

As an environmental organization, we take our responsibility as a sustainability and conservation leader seriously.

Our BIT Building program with SouthFace will improve the efficiency and sustainability of our office building.

Plastic Reduction Atlanta

Plastic Reduction Atlanta is a campaign that encourages organizations and businesses to give up plastic straws! Researchers and artists across the city have pledged to reduce the use of single-use plastics.

Blue Heron Nature Preserve is proud to be a partner of Plastic Reduction Atlanta.

We purchase, use, and sell sustainably by avoiding single-use plastic, and plastic all together when possible.


Bee Apiaries

Blue Heron is home to several beehives located on the Woodland Loop and at our Land of Lakes property. We work with The Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association and Southeast Beescapes to keep these hives healthy. 

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Meadows for Monarchs

 The natural habitat of butterflies is drastically reducing. To support monarchs, we built a butterfly garden full of native flowers and plants.


Water Stewardship

We fill an important role in protecting our urban waterways and wetlands. Water conservation, water quality monitoring, and wetland protection come with being stewards of Atlanta's urban waterways. 


Have a native animal in need?

AWARE Wildlife Center

Accepts all species of injured, ill, or orphaned native wildlife. Animals are accepted daily from 9a.m. – 7p.m.

4158 Klondike Road, Lithonia, Georgia 30038