Boy Scout Programs

We offer two different styles of programs for Boy Scouts, and within each of those program types are many options for topics or themes. We also offer Eagle Scout Merit Badge Workshops throughout the year that are open to all Boy Scouts. Check this page for upcoming events, or fill out a program inquiry form here

Nature Hike

Program Length: 60 minutes
Program Fee: $75.00 minimum; $8 per scout for groups 10 or more. 
Program Description: Join a Blue Heron Naturalist for a guided nature hike around the Preserve. We will explore our woods, creek and meadows as we learn to identify the native plants and animals that inhabit the Preserve.


Badge Programs

Program Length: 2 hours
Program Fee: $90.00 minimum. $12 per scout for groups of 8 or more. 
Program Description: Badge programs at BHNP are designed to meet most or all the requirements of your Boy Scout badge, pin, loop and other awards related to the outdoors and the environment. Each program includes time outdoors exploring the Blue Heron Nature Preserve, so please come prepared with outdoor clothing and shoes, insect repellant and a reusable water bottle. Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact Amy with the requirements your group is looking to complete, and we will design a program for you! Continue reading to explore the options we offer.



Tiger Adventure
Tigers in the Wild – Tigers learn what to take along on a hike to make it a fun and safe adventure. We will discover the principals of Leave No Trace and the Outdoor Code as we search for plants and signs of animals in the forest. Let’s wrap up our day with a Leave No Trace skit!
Meets requirements 1,2,3,4,6 &7.
Backyard Jungle – While we are on a hiking adventure we’ll bird watch, plant watch and animal watch! When we stop for a 1-foot hike, we can search for living things right under our feet. We’ll finish up by making cool bird feeders to hang at home.
Meets requirements 1,2,4,5.

Wolf Adventure
Paws on the Path – Let’s buddy-up and explore BHNP on a one-mile hike! We’ll prepare first by making sure we know the six essentials of safe hiking. Along the way, we will show everybody that we know how to practice the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace. What do you think we will find on our adventure?
-We will not cover the “map of where you live” portion of this program.
-Please come prepared to lead your Wolves in reciting the Outdoor Code.

Bear Adventure
Fur, Feathers, Ferns – Are you ready for a one mile hike? Let’s search for signs of wildlife from afar and close-up as we explore even the tiniest of them all, and find out how nature recycles!
Meets requirements 1-6.
-Please prepare requirement #3 ahead of time, so we may share on our hike.

Webelos /Arrow of Light Adventure
Into the Wild – As we hike through the forest and wetlands of BHNP, we will find out how the plants and animals survive and why they are there. We’ll search for birds and find out how far and wide they can travel to survive in their world. Come prepared to get wet (weather permitting), and get down into beautiful Nancy Creek while we share the importance of wetlands.
Meets requirements 4-9, part of 3.

Into the Woods – Did you know that there are at least ten reasons to hug a tree? There are so many kinds of trees and each one is important in so many ways! Let’s go on a tree walk, and explore very cool facts about Georgia’s trees. Do you know what the oldest living thing on earth is?
Meets requirements 1-4.
Leaders: Please complete requirement #5 independently. You can also prepare for our adventure by asking your scouts to look around their homes for items that are made from wood.



Join us for one of our upcoming Merit Badge programs:

Bird Study Clinic: February 17th, 9 am - 2:30 pm:This Clinic is in concert with the Great Backyard Bird Count, from 2/16-2/19. While we hone our birding skills we will explore birds, their adaptations, habits and habitats and learn why birds are so very important in Nature.  We will walk the Woodland Loop Trail along Nancy Creek and visit the Emma Wetlands in search of our feathered friends. Our bird watching results will be added to the statistice for the GBBC. The Clinic is designed to help develop skills to complete the following mandatory post-requisites:

5) Observe and be able to identify at least 20 species of wild birds. Prepare a field notebook, making a separate entry for each species, and record the following information from your field observations, and other references. 

8) Do one of the following:

a. Build a bird feeder and put it in an appropriate place in your yard or another location.

b. Build a bird bath and put it in an appropriate place.

c. Build a backyard sanctuary for birds by planting trees and shrubs for food and cover. 

For the option that you choose, describe what birds you hope to attract, and why. 

Our scouting programs coordinator, Linda Reed, will contact you with more information about preparing for the clinic upon registration. 


Reptile and Amphibian Study Clinic: May 12th, 10:00 am - 1:30 pm

This Clinic is a first-time unique experience when we will explore live animals, their adaptations, if they are endangered, and if so, why. Blue Heron Nature Preserve is home to 4 amazing Amphibian Foundation labs,and where critically endangered salamanders are part of a re-population experiment. The "Metamorphosis Meadow" lab is the only one like it on the planet. We will visit a remote lab (crossing a creek, so bring extra shoes) and experience Conservation in action. There is an interview process at the end of the Clinic, so be flexible with pick-up after 1:00 pm, and keep in touch with your Scout. Lunch, snack and reusable water bottle are a must.


Thinking about Blue Heron for your Eagle Scout Project or other Scout Projects? We have available sites for:

  • Animal Habitats 
  • Observation Platforms 
  • Boardwalks 
  • Habitat Gardening 
  • Arbor Walks

Expectations for scouts:

  1. The scout will contact Linda Reed,, to present his project idea for acceptance, feasibility and feedback.
  2. The scout will present a draft proposal to Ms. Reed before taking it through the scout approval process. This can be a rough email description of the work scope and proposed timeline. Please note: the more thorough and professional the proposal, the better chance of acceptance. Once approved by Ms. Reed, the scout will continue communications with Brooke Vacovsky,, who will help with details and logistics of the project.
  3. The scout will schedule any needed appointments with either Ms. Reed or Miss Vacovsky (office hours: 9 am - 5 pm). Email is the best communication method between visits. Once approved, work on the project may take place after office hours or on weekends.
  4. The scout will commit to a start date to begin the project. If the start date is not honored, the project will be available for another scout to pursue. 
  5. The scout will provide before and after photos to the Preserve.
  6. The scout is responsible for obtaining all materials for the project.


Scouting Badges Available
We have beautiful badges to order and purchase for all scouts. This badge fills the requirement of a visit to a nature preserve. Please contact Amy, our Education Director, to pre-order: