Building Sustainability with Southface

We strive to maintain environmental responsibility in all facets possible- including our building operations.

In 2014, we enrolled in BIT Building: a certification program that supports organizations seeking green building operations. In 2018, Southface, a local Atlanta sustainability company, acquired the BIT Program. We are a proud to be apart of the BIT pilot program with Southface!

We have made significant energy usage improvements:

  • We have updated our water source heat pump system by replacing an old boiler and old HVAC units.

  • We replaced all our lights with LED lights.

  • We switched to a seasonal gas service to significantly reduce our energy use.

  • We started to monitor our water usage at two common used sinks in our building.

These improvements were possible thanks to an award from the Grants to Green 2014 program. Grants to Green granted us with another award and we will be able to replace three HVAC units and install a valve that will make a large improvement to our closed-loop water source heat pump system.