Birthday Programs

Blue Heron offers engaging, outdoor themed parties for children ages 2 and up! Parties are booked on our calendar 7 days a week, for a 2 hour time slot. During your two hour party reservation, your child and their guests will enjoy a 1 hour naturalist-led program. A few examples of birthday themes include insect hunts, creek exploration, gardening, and critter experiences. We can also create a program around your child's interests.  You will also have access to our birthday party room for the entire 2 hour reservation.


1. What is the cost for a birthday party?

Birthday parties are $150.00 for the birthday child and up to 15 of their guests! It is $7.00/child for each child in attendance over the 15 child guest limit. We can accommodate up to 24 children. Adults and children who are younger than 3 and do not participate in the party are free. You must make a $25.00 deposit to hold your spot. The deposit will go towards your final total, which is due the day of your party. You may pay with cash, check, or credit card (Visa, Discover, or Mastercard). 


2. What do I need to bring/ What does Blue Heron provide?

Blue Heron provides you with a 2 hour room rental, tables, chairs, a fridge and kitchenette area. We can also provide a cooler, but you must provide the ice. You supply the tablecloths, plates, napkins, cups, utensils, and decorations. We have about 12 tables that are approximately 2 ft wide and 4 ft long. You may arrange them in any way you want. You may decorate the party room as you wish, but we ask that you please avoid the use of balloons. We do have back-up napkins, utensils, cups, and even candles and a lighter in case you forget something! 


3. When can I arrive to set-up for the party?

You can arrive 30 minutes early to set-up for your party. Your Blue Heron Naturalist will be there to help you access the party room and assist with minor parts of the set-up. They will also help greet your guests as they arrive and give them directions about how the party will proceed. 


4. When will my birthday party program start/end? 

Your naturalist will determine when to start the party program. Usually, the program begins about 15 minutes after your scheduled party start time. This allows guests time to arrive and settle in. Your naturalist will have coloring activities and allow supervised access to our Children's Garden while you wait for your guests to arrive. Once most guests have arrived, your Naturalist will start the party. We ask that one adult join the naturalist and the children on their outdoor explorations- of course, all adults are invited! Your program with the naturalist will last about 1 hour and then your naturalist will bring the children back to the building and help them wash their hands and get ready for food/present opening/ etc. The last 45 minutes of the party are for you to use as you wish. 


5. We finished our cake and ice cream but still have 20 minutes of party time, what do we do? 

Your naturalist will remain on-site during your part of the birthday party, and can open our Children's garden for children to play in if they have finished cake and ice cream and need something to do. We ask that you please have an adult fro your party supervise the play in the children's garden. There will also be books and drawing supplies in our party room loft, and children are welcome to read or draw in this area. 


6. What do I need to do for clean-up?

Please ensure all your trash is in a trash bag and that our floor is swept. We do not want to attract ants! Your naturalist will take care of getting the trash out, and can wipe down the tables. We give you 30 minutes after the scheduled end of the party to clean-up. We ask that you help get your guests to leave the building during this time too, so our naturalist can close the building or get ready for the next birthdayparty. 


7. When I invite guests, what should I tell them?

Make sure your guests know that your party will be happening outside at a Nature Preserve rain or shine! Children should wear clothes that can get dirty and wet. A change of shoes/socks or an entire change of clothes is suggested. We also highly encourage sunscreen and bugspray, which guests should apply before arriving. 


8. What if it rains?

If it is just sprinkling or drizzling outside, we still go out. There are amazing things to be found in the woods in the rain! But, if it is a downpour or the weather is unsafe for outdoor exploration, our naturalist will set up alternative activities inside. Your child will have a great time no matter what! 


9. Can parents drop-off their children for the party or do they have to stay?

We let you decide if you want a drop-off party or if you prefer parents to stay. We do ask that one adult be present during the party program to help our naturalist with group management. We also ask that an adult help our naturalist supervise the Children's Garden before and after the party program if your party will be using it. 


10. Can I bring beer/wine for the adults?

No. We are a City of Atlanta Public Park, and we do not currently have the permit to allow alcohol on the property.