The Apiary

Blue Heron, in partnership with the Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association (MABA) and Southeast Beescapes, has created two apiaries (collections of honey bee hives) at Blue Heron to help these vital pollinators have a save place to call home. 


MABA Hives

Gina Gallucci, previous President of the Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association and current Vice President of the Georgia Beekeepers Association, installed two hives on Blue Heron property in 2010 (check year). You can find them by the community garden as you continue around the Woodland Loop Trail. Gina hosts Public Hive Inspections every spring which are organized through MABA and play an important role in educating the public about the importance of these fascinating insects. 

Land O Lakes Hives

In 2017 honey bee hives were started by staff member, Brooke Vacovsky, who is a local beekeeper and founder of Southeast Beescapes, at our Land O Lakes Property. There are currently four honey bee hives hosted here and are used for educational purposes on site and around Atlanta. If you'd like to contact her about honey bee services or educational opportunities, email her at



The Honey Bee's Native counterparts

While honey bees get a lot of public attention, the real heroes of our local ecology are our native bees. Georgia alone has over 500 native bee species that are responsible for most of our non-agricultural pollination. To show some love for our native bees, consider planting native flowers in your yard. Inspiration for this can be found on the Georgia Native Plant Society website.