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2017 Art of Nature Exhibit


Feed That Which Feeds You

by Maria Ava Totina Ramos

In the current eco-political climate our natural settings are more important than ever. Parks and preserves offer us rest and nourishment; a haven to reconnect to ourselves. It is important to give back to these areas as they give to us. “Feed That Which Feeds You II” offers a buffet to the wildlife. The nest is a constructed of woven muscadine vines over a wire and bamboo frame. The suet eggs are covered in food grade dyed cheesecloth. The eggs are made of a blend of beef suet, peanut butter, cornmeal, flour, song bird and woodpecker seed. Embedded in this blend are bee loving flower seeds; Yarrow, Echinacea, Shasta Daisy, Sunflower and Moon flower. Each egg weighs about 10 lbs. Rest a bit and watch the bird buffet, may it bring you joy.

Seeds Can't Grow on Asphalt

by Hellenne Vermillion

So many buildings are going up currently in the Atlanta area, and so many trees are cut down to make space for housing developments that we are losing our tree canopy. Not only are we losing the trees but the animals and insects that are part of our ecosystem, and the cooling effects that trees bring to our hot Summers. I want to bring attention to this alarming situation with my "dead seeds" which can't grow on asphalt roads and parking lots. If each person planted a tree each year on their property, and if that person's friends each planted a tree in their property, perhaps we can retrieve our lost trees and regrow our green city.

Carved clay seeds in unglazed clay.



Nascent Nestlings

by Dawnice Kerchaert

Nascent Nestlings are a series of nest- like constructions made of a variety of natural materials. The interiors of each hold some seeds or other objects and textures for the curious eye. They are made of different textures and shapes that I find remarkable for their endurance and beauty. Each one is unique and open to imaginative interpretation.


Mother Tongue

by Maria Borghoff & Maurice LeCroy

Mother Tongue is a suspended sculpture that beckons a conversation with nature. Bamboo columns dangle from a simple construction that includes natural and synthetic materials as well as muted and vibrant colors. Although natural elements such as wind and rain will cause the columns to chime against one another, viewers are invited to gently manipulate the central clapper and experience the joy of listening.

2016 Art of Nature Exhibit

Sponsored by Women’s Caucus for Art of Georgia 


by Hellenne Vermillion


Pure Luck (Somewhere)

by Don Dougan


Gourds—Gems in the Garden

by Lori Shipp


Celebrating the Gymnosperms

by Vicki Bethel


Glory Wings, Totem Sculpture

by Roxane Hollosi


Tree Love, Tree Tears

by Callahan McDonough


Hand in Water

by Joe Dreher


Decorated Suet Cage (Detail)

by Maria Ava Totina Ramos


Bird Condo

by Flora Rosefsky


2015 Art of Nature Exhibit 

Maxine & George Hess

Callahan McDonough

Diana Toma*

Joe Dreher

Crane Spirit Mask - Hellenne Vermillion

(in) CONSEQUENTIAL - Leisa Rich

100 Blue Birds - Vicki Bethel

Under Construction -  Angela Bortone

Claire Lewis Evans

*The work of Diana Toma was stolen. Please contact Miranda Swaim ( if you have any information.