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The Blue Heron Art Gallery is a non-profit space dedicated to exhibiting work with an environmental thread. It is a small but well-equipped gallery in a classic contemporary style building placed in the middle of our 30-acre nature preserve. Blue Heron shows work on a quarterly basis with a reception for the public. We hope to provide a lens for people to see the close connection between art and nature.

current art exhibition

January 9-march 20, 2018

Wonderful Abstraction by Barbara Rehg at Blue Heron Preserve


Blue Heron Nature Preserve is hosting the work of BARBARA REHG from January 9 through March 20, 2018. BHNP held a wonderful Opening Reception the afternoon of Saturday, Janaury 20. The artist gave a talk on her work and provided insight into her connection with nature through abstraction and media.

Mixed Media is Ms. Rehg's art method of choice. Her abstracted works on paper and canvas are characterized by a lyrical use of line, color and composition, presenting both recognizable forms and abstracted shapes that play with the viewer's perfection of the artwork.

Ms. Rehg became a member of the national Women's Caucus for Art, Georgia chapter, in 2001. She exhibits regularly both in the Atlanta area and nationally. Her work has been included in exhibitions at such places as the Swan Coach House Gallery, Georgia Perimeter College, Spruill Arts Gallery, Barbara Archer Gallery and others. Her works have also been used commercially on the TV show Drop Dead Divas and used in ad campaigns.

Recently Ms. Rehg has taken a studio, E2, located in the MOCA/TULA Art Center in Atlanta, GA.

For more information on Barbara Rehg please visit her website at

This exhibition is open by appointment only. Please contact Sally Eppstein @ 678.642.5300 or to schedule a viewing of Ms. Rehg's work.



Fall 2017

Sally Epstein and Helen DeRamus

Helen DeRamus and Sally Eppstein take a closer look at the longleaf pine ecosystem's new life and rejuvenation after the burning of the forest. Longleaf Pines covered most of the southeast with up to 90 million acres but now is reduce to 3% of the original forest.






 Blue Grossbeak, Photo by Joel Conison

Blue Grossbeak, Photo by Joel Conison


Summer 2017

Joel Conison: "Songbirds"

Joel Conison continues his series of birds in portrait series, this time with a local focus. No matter where you reside, you will come across songbirds. Sadly, many species of songbirds are under environmental stress, particularly those that migrate. Their habitats are shrinking and often causing a decrease in population.

Mr. Conison's work presents a single bird on a neutral background. This simple presentation of the bird affords the viewer a unique view of the creature. In profile, these portraits are reminiscent of Renaissance portraiture. 

The portaits of birds include species such as the American Goldfinch, Fox Sparrow, Nashville Warbler, Water Pipit and others. To view the entire series online, please visit Joel Conison's website at

All prints available for purchase. To inquire about acquiring any of these prints, please click HERE.


Spring 2017

tim hunter.png

Tim Hunter: "Icons" 

Tim Hunter uses the term "Icon" to refer to religious figures or symbols that are often depicted with a surrounding background of gold, the gold symbolizing a spiritual radiance. In this series, he has represented birds in place of traditional, religious images, and in doing so has made them symbolic of spiritual representation. Many of the birds depicted are in decline, and in representing them as Icons, he emphasizes the spiritual aspects of nature.

Visit Tim Hunter's website here.


Winter 2017

Donna Horn and Kate Colpitts “Shared Visions”

Shared Visions is a show featuring Donna Horn and Kate Colpitts's abstract landscapes.

Donna Horn' website.


Fall 2016

Vicki Bethel, Helen DeRamus, & Pamela Ellerbrock “Derived From Nature”

Work by artists who photograph the natural world and use it as a starting point for their personal visions. Presented by The Blue Heron Nature Preserve and the Women’s Caucus for Art of Georgia.

Helen's website.

Interview with Vicki. 

 Helen DeRamus talking about her photos of roses.

Helen DeRamus talking about her photos of roses.

 Vicki Bethel talking about her photography process at the Derived from Nature opening.

Vicki Bethel talking about her photography process at the Derived from Nature opening.

Summer 2016

 Beverly Baker (on left) is enjoying the opening of the Hidden Gem/Haven opening.

Beverly Baker (on left) is enjoying the opening of the Hidden Gem/Haven opening.

Hidden Gem/Haven Show

Women's Caucus for Art of Georgia’s  Hidden Gem/Haven Show which celebrates what the Blue Heron Nature Preserve, the hidden gem/haven, does to protect the natural habitats in the high density neighborhood of Buckhead, Atlanta, GA.

The curator is the founder and executive director of the BHNP, Nancy Jones, who is an artist and was an art teacher for Fulton County schools. 



Winter 2016

 by Kathy Meliopoulos.

by Kathy Meliopoulos.

Nature Studies: Up Close and Far Away

Nature Studies: Up Close and Far Away reflects observation of the natural environment. We see vistas and panoramas when we drive through the countryside, walk along a forest path, hike in the open air. We see details when we stop to look at closer range. Both perspectives are of interest to me.

The "far away" paintings are done from photos taken during my walks in  Washington state. The landscape and climate are so different from what we are used to in Georgia. I wanted to paint my impressions of that area.

The "up close" paintings are done from photos taken during my walks in the neighborhood in Atlanta. I look down and see moss growing on stepping stones, stone walls, along curbs. When the view is up close, the perspective changes, as paintings they become like aerial landscapes. These paintings are not about duplicating a photograph. The photo is a point of reference only. The aim is to capture the vision, the moment; and process it through a personal filter.

 Visit Kathy Meliopoulos' website here.


Interested in exhibiting your work with us? Want to schedule a viewing of our current exhibit? Please contact our Art Director, Sally Eppstein at 678.642.5300 or