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Current Art show

David Cohen, aka DoodleSlice, is showing Line is Flight at Blue Heron from June 15 until September 15.

Contact Sally Eppstein, the Art Director, for a showing:

PRevious Exhibits

Shannon Willow  TreeBook

Shannon Willow

Artist: Shannon Willow

Title: Gaia Speak

Installed: April 6 to June 5.

We are raising money to bring TreeBook, and interactive art book, home to Blue Heron.

Shannon Willow  Ancient Ones

Shannon Willow
Ancient Ones

Artist: Susan Loeb

Title: Reflections

Installed: January 2019 to march 2019.

Henry Adams.png

The Amphibian Foundation displayed photographs of endangered amphibians.

Installed: December 2018 to January 2019.

Artist: Jiha Moon

Title: To Be In Leaf

Installed: September to december, 2018.

Artist: Diane Evans

Title: Nest Interpretations

Installed: July to September, 2018.

Artist: Roxane Hollosi

Title: Symbiosis

Installed: March to May, 2018.


Artist: barbara rehg

Title: Wonderful abstraction

Installed: January 9 to march 20, 2018

Mixed Media is Rehg's art method of choice. Her abstracted works on paper and canvas are characterized by a lyrical use of line, color and composition, presenting both recognizable forms and abstracted shapes that play with the viewer's perfection of the artwork.

Artists: sally eppstein and helen deramus

Installed: Fall 2017

Helen DeRamus and Sally Eppstein take a closer look at the longleaf pine ecosystem's new life and rejuvenation after the burning of the forest. Longleaf Pines covered most of the southeast with up to 90 million acres but now is reduce to 3% of the original forest. 

Artist: Joel Conison

Title: Songbirds

Installed: Summer 2017

Joel Conison continues his series of birds in portrait series, this time with a local focus. No matter where you reside, you will come across songbirds. Sadly, many species of songbirds are under environmental stress, particularly those that migrate. Their habitats are shrinking and often causing a decrease in population.

tim hunter.png

Artist: Tim Hunter

Title: Icons

Installed: April 22nd - June 2nd 2017

Tim Hunter uses the term "Icon" to refer to religious figures or symbols that are often depicted with a surrounding background of gold, the gold symbolizing a spiritual radiance. In this series, he has represented birds in place of traditional, religious images, and in doing so has made them symbolic of spiritual representation. Many of the birds depicted are in decline, and in representing them as Icons, he emphasizes the spiritual aspects of nature.

Artists: Donna horn and kate colpitts

Title: Shared Visions

Installed: Winter 2017

Shared Visions is a show featuring Donna Horn and Kate Colpitts's abstract landscapes.

Artists: Vicki Bethel, Helen DeRamus, & Pamela Ellerbrock

Title: Derived From Nature

Installed: Fall 2016

Work by artists who photograph the natural world and use it as a starting point for their personal visions. Presented by The Blue Heron Nature Preserve and the Women’s Caucus for Art of Georgia.


Artist: Pam Longobardi

Title: Drifters

Installed: October 10th – November 28th, 2015 

Learn more about Pam on her website, or her drifters blog. Pam will forever change the way you think about plastic!

Artists: Kathy Meliopoulos, Ann Rhodes, Beverly Baker, Claire Chambless, Tim Hunter, Helen DeRamus, Diana Toma, Katherine Mialkowski, Kelly Cosby, Hellenne Vermillion, Maggie (Vickie) Bethel, Michael Holmes, Donna Horn, Flora Rosefsky, Steve Morrison, att Walker, Matthew Walker, don dougan and on Dougan

Title: Hidden Gem/Haven Show

Women's Caucus for Art of Georgia’s Hidden Gem/Haven Show celebrates what the Blue Heron Nature Preserve, the hidden gem/haven, does to protect the natural habitats in the high density neighborhood of Buckhead, Atlanta, GA.

Artist: Kathy Meliopoulos

Title: Nature Studies: Up Close and Far Away

Installed: Winter 2016

Nature Studies: Up Close and Far Away reflects observation of the natural environment. We see vistas and panoramas when we drive through the countryside, walk along a forest path, hike in the open air. We see details when we stop to look at closer range. Both perspectives are of interest to me.

The "far away" paintings are done from photos taken during my walks in  Washington state. The landscape and climate are so different from what we are used to in Georgia. I wanted to paint my impressions of that area.

The "up close" paintings are done from photos taken during my walks in the neighborhood in Atlanta. I look down and see moss growing on stepping stones, stone walls, along curbs. When the view is up close, the perspective changes, as paintings they become like aerial landscapes. These paintings are not about duplicating a photograph. The photo is a point of reference only. The aim is to capture the vision, the moment; and process it through a personal filter.

Fall 2012

Bill Boleys’ Photography Exhibit: “Trees”
Exhibit dates were extended for this beautiful show, which ended September 2012.

Summer 2012

Diane Evans’ Show: “SEEDS”

As summer 2012 came to a close and the plant world slipped into sleep mode, we welcomed Diane Evans’ beautiful images of SEEDS to the Blue Heron Gallery. Rich images of intricate seed pods and fronds carefully executed in mixed media, collage and paint were exhibited. This show ended December 31st, 2012.

Winter/Summer 2011

Sharon Beals Photography Exhibit: “NESTS”
The winter winds of 2011 ushered in the work of San Francisco photographer Sharon Beals to the Blue Heron Gallery, which ended in May 2012. Sharon spent 3 years photographing archived bird nests in natural history and zoological museums in California. This was a rare chance for the public to take a peek at these fabulous nests as the collections were only open to the scientific community. Sharon’s photographs are spell binding, reflecting the rich, beautiful nest making ability of birds the world over.

The November/December issue of American Photo (a glossy, nationally circulated, bimonthly magazine) selected the Top 56 Photo Books of the Year.  Of the 7 in the Environment & Nature category is “Nests:  Fifty Nests and the Birds that Built Them by Sharon Beals”. The review is as follows:

“Drawn from the exquisite collections of three California-based academies and institutes, the nests in these delicate, detailed images reflect the meticulous care and skill of their creators—50 species of birds, each described in facing-page text that’s as free of scientific jargon as it is informative.”

We had a great turnout for the opening and lecture!  Check out her images at