Paint Box Mystery Art Camp

Enjoy a signature mystery hunt, engaging drawing process, and creative games with plenty of room for independent design and discovery.

Paint Box Mystery Art Camp is available for Great Blue Heron Summer Day Campers.

2019 summer Themes:

paint box mystery.jpg

Color Stations

June 3-7th and
July 8-12th

How many shades of green paint the forest?

How many warm colors can you find at the meadow and pond?

We’ll chart the colors of summer while visiting animal habitats, create plein-air paintings inspired by the masters, and blend palettes that capture this brilliant season. 


Pollinators, Plants & Potions

June 10-14th and
July 29th-August 2nd

Spend afternoons exploring the cool connections between people, plants and important pollinators like bees.

Creating art inspired by our discoveries, we’ll build a pollinator model, work with a flower press, and mix potions made from plants as we learn to identify some of our favorite species at the Preserve.

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Design Challenge: Nature Games!

June 17-21st

Do you accept the challenge to design and build games inspired by nature?

Each afternoon we will design codes, puzzles and mazes for the different habitats of the Preserve, testing our team work skills while building in both two and three dimensions.


Nature’s Night Music

June 24th-28th

What animals are making those sounds you hear at night?

We’ll learn about nocturnal creatures like owls, coyotes and raccoons as we make our own musical instruments, draw what we hear, and explore art mediums that glow in the dark.