After School Art

With Christy Knight

Our art classes are for ages 5-12, and classes are kept purposefully small to ensure each child receives individualized attention.

Gather a special group of friends for fresh art adventures!

Now booking dates, times and themes that work for your group of four+ students. 

Pricing: $35 per one-hour class per artist, all supplies included. 

To schedule, please contact the instructor, Christy Knight (404.217.2021) or

Program Description:

Join us for an engaging time in the studio and outside after school as we learn to identify, draw and paint the animals who call the Preserve home. Our programs are designed to encourage freedom of expression while learning about art and nature in a small-group setting.

Examples of class themes:

Artful Nature Mapping - Night Creatures - Drawing Plants and People - Tree Stories - Color Birds

About our Educator and Artist: Christy Knight

A naturalist illustrator and instructor with over 20 years of experience, Christy Knight engages artists of all ages and abilities in the natural world.


If you’re like me, you stay as local as possible on weekday evenings. That means back roads instead of highways and neighborhood dining instead of downtown destinations.

Did you know that there’s even a back way to get to our local oasis, Blue Heron Nature Preserve? Most people know the main entrance is across from Pikes on Roswell Road, but the secret pathway to Blue Heron is on a much quieter street. Next time you’re at Chastain Square, take a left onto Rickenbacker Drive. The road winds behind the Preserve and there is a short gravel pathway where you can park above and walk down to the parking lot.

The Preserve is open every day from dawn to dusk, and as winter melts into spring, we’re offering more after school art and nature programs in this sunny place deep in the forest where kids can roam and birds can sing and turtles can sun on rocks and beavers can build dams and mica can sparkle in the creek and flowers can bloom. Blue Heron has created a little secret world in our neighborhood for all this to happen.
Won’t you join us?
Christy Knight