Adult EducatioN

Natural Science Illustration Workshop Series

Christy Knight, Blue Heron educator and award-winning artist, will show you how to recreate what you find in the Preserve on paper. Each class focuses on using a different medium for the current season.

Each class is $50 and limited to 10 artists. See below for the class description and list of materials.

A Natural History of Color

November 11th, 1pm - 4pm
Medium: Egg Tempera
Try this art process the masters used as we explore pigments from around the world!

  • #1 and #2 round brush, sable preferred

  • Ampersand Claybord 1/8" panel in a small size such as 5x5" or "5x7"

  • An egg carton with about three eggs remaining for binding the pigments and holding fresh colors

Pure pigments and all other tools will be provided by the instructor


The Language of Line

January 27th, 1pm - 4pm
Medium: Pen and Ink
Capture the essence of natural subjects utilizing techniques in Chinese Inkbrush, Micron and Quill Pens. 

  • Drawing board or clip board

  • Bristol paper in 100 lb. such as 9" x 12" 20 sheet pad by Strathmore

  • Pencil in light lead such as HB or F

  • Kneaded eraser

  • Micron black pen set of three widths, 01, 03 and 05

Instructor will demo ink mediums such as Inkbrush & Crow Quill Pen!

Drawing Birds 101

April 28th, 1 - 4pm

Part of Atlanta Audubon's Nature Sketching Series

This workshop will teach you essential techniques for ornithological illustration. Instructor, Christy Knight will share stories from her years of experience as a natural science illustrator while guiding artists in graphite and colored pencil mediums, working from mounted and preserved specimens to create accurate, lively drawings.

Registration for this course will be available in April 2019 through Atlanta Audubon.


About the Instructor:

Christy Knight, who has facilitated the artistic development of so many of our young neighbors through her after school art program at Blue Heron, is turning her attention to adults.

An award-winning naturalist illustrator, Christy has years of experience teaching techniques and skills to help any adult hone their skills as a natural science illustrator.

Engaging and fun for adults of all ability levels, Christy’s program will make sure every participant receives both group and individual support.