Second Saturday Safari: September

"Amphibians in Georgia"
with Mark Mandica from The Botanical Gardens
September 13th, 10am - 12pm
$10 per person


Mark Mandica from the Atlanta Botanical Garden will be here to help us uncover the best places to spot our local amphibians! Plus, learn about an opportunity to volunteer with the new Metro Atlanta Amphibian Monitoring Program. Anyone interested in frogs, salamanders, and learning how to identify frogs by call is encouraged to attend.

Visit the Gardenís frog blog!

Space is limited, RSVP to 678-315-0836. Don't forget to download a Registration Form to mail in with your payment!


Storms Blow Baby Squirrels From Nests


Look who is visiting in the office today (8/11/14)! This baby squirrel is being hand fed and cared for by AAS Ed Director, Melanie Furr. He fell out of the nest over the weekend and is on his way to AWARE the wild animal rescue organization.


Melanie says "The second wave of baby squirrels are being born in August and September, if you find one, try to return it to it's nest or if it is too high, make a small nest and hang it as high as possible".


Eagle Scout Gifts Preserve

Hughes Moffett has just completed his Eagle Scout Project at the Preserve and we are the proud recipients of a new circular bench and picnic table! The bench and table are made out of beautiful cedar wood and will be real amenities for visitors.


Many thanks to Hughes for this wonderful gift and also a financial contribution.


NestWatch Bird Tracking

On July 28 2014, Blue Heron Nature Preserve partnered with Atlanta Audubon to band birds as part of the NestWatch program sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution.

 ...  ...
Atlanta Audubon and Blue Heron Volunteers gather to band birds.
At center is an Adult American Robin. At right is a Juvenile Robin with the speckled feather pattern.
(Click bird images to enlarge)

Very fine nets were strung in the Preserve at 6:30am to capture birds to be banded. In total, we caught 6 birds: 3 carolina wrens and 3 american robins. BH and AAS volunteers gathered to host Allie from the Smithsonian as we captured birds and recorded data. We hope these studies will provide information about urban birds such as: human impact, global warming, etc.

Volunteers Recording Data, at right is a Carolina Wren.

It was a wonderful, intimate experience with birds and we all it enjoyed it (except the birds)!


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